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Groups: 1 Activities: 45


94910Activities of religious organisations


94910Army scripture readers association
94910Baptist church
94910Bible society
94910British Humanist Association
94910British Jews Society
94910Calvinistic Methodist Church
94910Catholic Apostolic Church
94910Church Army
94910Church Commission
94910Church in Wales
94910Church Missionary Society
94910Church of Christ Scientist
94910Church of England
94910Church of Ireland
94910Church of Scotland
94910City mission
94910Convent (not school or orphanage)
94910Crusaders' union
94910Episcopal Church in Scotland
94910Evangelists Society
94910Inter Varsity Fellowship of Evangelical Unions
94910Jewish synagogue
94910Lord's Day Observance Society
94910Methodist Church
94910Missionary Society
94910Presbyterian Church
94910Presbyterian Church of Wales
94910Religious funeral service activities
94910Religious organisations
94910Religious retreat activities
94910Roman Catholic Church
94910Salvation army
94910Society of Friends
94910Spiritualist church
94910Student Christian Movement
94910Temple (for worship)
94910Theosophical Society
94910Unitarian Church
94910United Reform Church
94910United Society for Christian Literature
94910Wesleyan reform union