Lucky Rabbit - SIC

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Groups: 1 Activities: 35


93199Other sports activities (not including activities of racehorse owners) n.e.c.


93199Boxing promoter
93199Dirt track racing
93199Dog breeding (for greyhound racing)
93199Dog racing
93199Drag hounds
93199Fishing (recreational)
93199Football Association
93199Greyhound training
93199Horse training (racehorse)
93199Hunt kennels
93199Hunt stables
93199Hunting for sport or recreation
93199Judges of sport
93199Kennel master
93199Kennels and garages (racing)
93199Mountain guides
93199Physical culture expert
93199Promotion of sporting events
93199Racehorse trainer
93199Racing stables
93199Riding stables
93199Rugby League
93199Rugby Union
93199Speedway racing
93199Sports leagues and regulating bodies
93199Sports referees
93199Sportsmen and sportswomen
93199Timekeepers of sport
93199Trainer (racehorse or greyhound)
93199Training stables