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Groups: 1 Activities: 57


86900Other human health activities


86900Ambulance service
86900Artificial kidney unit
86900Artificial limb and appliance centre
86900Blood banks
86900Blood transfusion service
86900Chiropodist (NHS)
86900Chiropodist (private)
86900Chiropractor clinic (own account)
86900Clinic (health service)
86900Collection of female human urine for hormone extraction
86900Community health service
86900Community medical service clinics
86900Community psychiatric nurse (NHS)
86900Dental hygienist
86900Dental therapist
86900Disablement services centres
86900District nurse
86900Family Planning Association clinics (not providing medical treatment)
86900Foot clinic (NHS)
86900Foot clinic (private)
86900Health centre
86900Health visitor
86900Home nurse (NHS)
86900Homeopath (not registered medical practitioner)
86900Limb fitting centre
86900Mass radiography service
86900Maternity and child welfare services
86900Maternity clinic
86900Medical laboratories
86900Midwife (NHS)
86900Midwife (private)
86900Nurse (private)
86900Nursing co-operative
86900Occupational therapist (private)
86900Ophthalmic clinic
86900Osteopath (not registered medical practitioner)
86900Para-medical practitioner activities
86900Pathological laboratory
86900Physiotherapist (private)
86900Physiotherapy clinic
86900Psychiatric clinic
86900Psychiatric day hospital
86900Public health laboratory
86900Radiographer (private)
86900School dental nurse
86900School health service
86900School medical clinic
86900Scottish Ambulance Service
86900Speech therapist (NHS)
86900Speech therapist (own account)
86900Sperm banks
86900St Andrew´┐Żs ambulance brigade
86900St John's ambulance brigade
86900Transplant organ banks