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Search UK Standard Industrial Classification 2007 (UK SIC 2007). Empty search will display all groups. 5 digits will search on exact SIC code otherwise Name is searched. Click on a SIC code in the table to show only that group.

Groups: 1 Activities: 48


77390Renting and leasing of other machinery, equipment and tangible goods n.e.c.


77390Accommodation container renting
77390Amusement machine hire
77390Animal rental (herds, racehorses)
77390Audio/visual equipment for professional use hire
77390Barrow hiring
77390Burglar alarm hire
77390Campers (transport) rental (self drive)
77390Caravans (touring) rental
77390Catering equipment hire
77390Cereal milling and working machinery renting (non agricultural)
77390Circus tent rental
77390Commercial machinery rental and operating leasing
77390Communication equipment rental and operating leasing
77390Container rental
77390Dairy machinery rental (non agricultural)
77390Engine rental and operating leasing
77390Fire alarm hire
77390Floor cleaning equipment for industrial use leasing
77390Freight land transport equipment rental (without driver)
77390Fuel bunkers leasing
77390Gaming machine hire
77390Hand cart hire
77390Herd leasing
77390Machine tools rental and operating leasing
77390Machinery for industrial use rental and operating leasing
77390Measuring and controlling equipment rental and operating leasing
77390Mining equipment rental and operating leasing
77390Motion picture production equipment rental and leasing
77390Motorcycle hire
77390Motorcycle rental
77390Office container renting
77390Oil field equipment rental and operating leasing
77390Packaging machinery leasing
77390Pallet rental
77390Passenger land transport equipment self drive rental (other than motor vehicles)
77390Plant and equipment for industrial use hire
77390Radio equipment for professional use, rental and operating leasing
77390Railroad passenger vehicles rental
77390Railway freight vehicle hire
77390Railway passenger vehicle hire
77390Scientific machinery rental and operating leasing
77390Slot machine rental
77390Telephone hire (other than by public telephone undertakings)
77390Television equipment (not domestic) rental and operating leasing
77390Tools for mechanics or engineers hire
77390Turbine rental and operating leasing
77390Wheelbarrow hire