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Search UK Standard Industrial Classification 2007 (UK SIC 2007). Empty search will display all groups. 5 digits will search on exact SIC code otherwise Name is searched. Click on a SIC code in the table to show only that group.

Groups: 1 Activities: 55


52220Service activities incidental to water transportation


52220Berthing activities
52220Bunkering services
52220Canal maintenance
52220Canal operation
52220Cargo superintendent
52220Cargo terminal
52220Commissioners of northern lighthouses
52220Diving contracting (non leisure)
52220Dock authority
52220Floating bridge company
52220Gas liquefaction for water transportation purposes
52220Harbour authority
52220Harbour operation
52220Ice breaking services
52220Landing stage
52220Lighter lessee or owner
52220Lighterage activities
52220Lighthouse activities
52220Lighthouse Authority
52220Local authority canal services
52220Local authority docks and harbours
52220Local authority lighthouse service
52220Marine cargo lighterage
52220Marine cargo superintendent
52220Marine salvage
52220Navigation activities
52220Offshore positioning services
52220Passenger terminal services
52220Pier operation (not amusement)
52220Pier owner or authority (not amusement)
52220Pilotage activities
52220Port Authority
52220Port of London Authority
52220Salvage activities supporting water transport activities
52220Shore base (sea transport)
52220Terminal facilities operation (water transport)
52220Towing services for distressed freight vessels in inland waters
52220Towing services for distressed freight vessels on sea and coastal waters
52220Towing services for distressed passenger vessels in inland waters
52220Towing services for distressed passenger vessels on sea and coastal waters
52220Trinity House
52220Tug boat service for inland waterways
52220Tug boat service for offshore installations
52220Tug boat service for sea barge or off-shore well
52220Tug boat service for sea barges on domestic coastal routes
52220Tug lessee or owner for inland waterways service
52220Tug owner or lessee for in port service or salvage
52220Vessel laying up and storage services
52220Vessel registration services
52220Water transport (supporting activities)
52220Waterway locks operation
52220Wreck raising