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Groups: 1 Activities: 89


46750Wholesale of chemical products


46750Acids (wholesale)
46750Acrylic polymers in primary forms (wholesale)
46750Agro-chemical products (wholesale)
46750Aldehyde function compounds (wholesale)
46750Amino resins, phenolic resins and polyurethanes in primary forms (wholesale)
46750Aniline (wholesale)
46750Anti-sprouting products (wholesale)
46750Carbonates (wholesale)
46750Chemical glues (wholesale)
46750Chemical products (wholesale)
46750Chemical products exporter (wholesale)
46750Chemical products importer (wholesale)
46750Chromium, manganese, lead and copper oxides and hydroxides (wholesale)
46750Colouring matter (wholesale)
46750Compounds of rare earth metals (wholesale)
46750Compounds of yttrium and scandium (wholesale)
46750Cotton size (wholesale)
46750Cyanides, cyanide oxides and complex cyanides (wholesale)
46750Cyclic hydrocarbons (wholesale)
46750Depleted uranium and thorium and their compounds (wholesale)
46750Diols, polyalcohols, cyclical alcohols and their derivatives (wholesale)
46750Distilled water (wholesale)
46750Dyes (wholesale)
46750Enzymes (wholesale)
46750Essential oils (wholesale)
46750Essential oils merchant (wholesale)
46750Ethers, organic peroxides, epoxides, acetals and hemiacetals and their derivatives (wholesale)
46750Explosives (wholesale)
46750Fertilisers (wholesale)
46750Flavourings (wholesale)
46750Fulminates, cyanates and thiocyanates (wholesale)
46750Fungicides, rodenticides and similar products (wholesale)
46750Guano (wholesale)
46750Gums (wholesale)
46750Halogen or sulphur compounds of non-metals (wholesale)
46750Herbicides and insecticides (wholesale)
46750Heterocyclic compounds (wholesale)
46750Hydrogen chloride (wholesale)
46750Hydrogen peroxide (wholesale)
46750Hypochlorites, chlorates and perchlorates (wholesale)
46750Indigo (wholesale)
46750Industrial chemicals (wholesale)
46750Industrial dyes (wholesale)
46750Industrial fatty alcohols (wholesale)
46750Industrial gases (wholesale)
46750Industrial monocarboxylic fatty acids and acid oils from refining (wholesale)
46750Industrial salt (wholesale)
46750Insecticides (wholesale)
46750Ketone and quinone function compounds (wholesale)
46750Liquid and compressed air (wholesale)
46750Manure (wholesale)
46750Metal oxides, hydroxides and peroxides (wholesale)
46750Metallic halogenates (wholesale)
46750Metalloids (wholesale)
46750Methanol (wholesale)
46750Monohydric alcohols (wholesale)
46750Nitrate of soda importer (wholesale)
46750Oils and other products of distilling of high temperature coal tar, pitch and pitch tar (wholesale)
46750Organo-sulphur and other organo-inorganic compounds (wholesale)
46750Paraffin (wholesale)
46750Petroleum coke, bitumen and other residues of petroleum oils (wholesale)
46750Phenols, phenol-alcohols and derivatives of phenols (wholesale)
46750Phosphides, carbides, hydrides, nitrides azides, silicides and borides (wholesale)
46750Phosphinates, phosphonates, phosphates and polyphosphates (wholesale)
46750Phosphoric esters and esters of other inorganic acids and their derivatives (wholesale)
46750Piezo-electric quartz (wholesale)
46750Plant growth regulators (wholesale)
46750Polymers of vinyl chloride and other halogenated olefins in primary forms (wholesale)
46750Printing ink (wholesale)
46750Radioactive residues (wholesale)
46750Refined sulphur (wholesale)
46750Roasted iron pyrites (wholesale)
46750Scents (wholesale)
46750Silicates, borates, perborates and other salts of inorganic acids or peroxoacids (wholesale)
46750Silicon and sulphur dioxide (wholesale)
46750Soda (wholesale)
46750Sodium nitrate (wholesale)
46750Starch derivatives (wholesale)
46750Sulphides, sulphites and sulphates (wholesale)
46750Sulphur (wholesale)
46750Synthetic organic colouring matter and colouring lakes and preparations based on them (wholesale)
46750Synthetic resin (wholesale)
46750Tanning preparations (wholesale)
46750Titanium oxide (wholesale)
46750Urea, thiourea and melamine resins in primary forms (wholesale)
46750Vegetable or resin product derivatives (wholesale)
46750Wood charcoal (not fuel) (wholesale)
46750Zinc oxide and peroxide (wholesale)