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Groups: 1 Activities: 154


46690Wholesale of other machinery and equipment


46690AC and DC electrical motors (single or multi-phase) (wholesale)
46690Acetylene gas generators (wholesale)
46690Air conditioning machines (wholesale)
46690Aircraft (wholesale)
46690Aircraft launching gear and deck arresters (wholesale)
46690Articulated link chain (except for motor vehicles and bicycles) (wholesale)
46690Automatic regulating or controlling instruments and apparatus (wholesale)
46690Bakery ovens (wholesale)
46690Balances and scales (wholesale)
46690Ball and roller bearings (wholesale)
46690Ballasts for discharge lamps or tubes (wholesale)
46690Bearing housings and plain shaft bearings (wholesale)
46690Bombs, missiles and other projectiles (wholesale)
46690Book-binding and book-sewing machinery (wholesale)
46690Buckets, grabs, shovels and grips for cranes, excavators and the like (wholesale)
46690Carbon electrodes and other articles of graphite or other carbon for electrical purposes (wholesale)
46690Cartridges and other ammunition (wholesale)
46690Centrifuges (wholesale)
46690Cereal and dried vegetable milling or working machinery (wholesale)
46690Clutches and shaft couplings including universal joints (excluding motor vehicles) (wholesale)
46690Co-axial cable and co-axial conductors for industrial use (wholesale)
46690Compressors for refrigerating equipment (wholesale)
46690Compressors for use in civil aircraft (wholesale)
46690Containers designed for carriage by one or more means of transport (wholesale)
46690Converters, ladles, ingot moulds and casting machines (wholesale)
46690Cooking or heating equipment for non-domestic use (wholesale)
46690Crown corks and stoppers (wholesale)
46690Dairy machinery (not farm) (wholesale)
46690Derricks, cranes, mobile lifting frames (wholesale)
46690Direction finding compasses and other navigational instruments and appliances (wholesale)
46690Dish washing machines for commercial use (wholesale)
46690Distilling or rectifying plant (wholesale)
46690Drafting tables and other drawing, marking out or mathematical calculating instruments (wholesale)
46690Dry cleaning machines and laundry type washing machines (wholesale)
46690Dryers for wood, paper pulp, paper or paperboard (wholesale)
46690Drying machines with a capacity exceeding 10 kgs (wholesale)
46690Electrical apparatus for line telephony or telegraphy (wholesale)
46690Electrical appliances, accessories and fittings for industry (wholesale)
46690Electrical insulators and insulating fittings for electrical machines or equipment (wholesale)
46690Electrical machinery and apparatus and materials for professional use (wholesale)
46690Electrical motors (wholesale)
46690Engineers' plant and stores (wholesale)
46690Engines for aircraft (wholesale)
46690Filters for oil, petrol and air for internal combustion engines (not motor vehicle) (wholesale)
46690Filtration equipment and apparatus (wholesale)
46690Fire extinguishers (excluding motor vehicle) (wholesale)
46690Firearms, sporting, hunting or target shooting rifles (wholesale)
46690Flywheels and pulleys including pulley blocks (wholesale)
46690Food and beverage machinery (wholesale)
46690Food and drink preparation and manufacturing machinery for industrial use (wholesale)
46690Food, beverage and tobacco industry machinery (wholesale)
46690Forklift trucks (wholesale)
46690Furnace burners, mechanical stokers and grates and mechanical ash dischargers wholesale)
46690Furnaces, ovens, incinerators, for industrial or laboratory use (excluding bakery ovens) (wholesale)
46690Fuses, relays and apparatus for protecting electrical circuits (wholesale)
46690Garage tools (wholesale)
46690Gaskets (excluding motor vehicle) (wholesale)
46690Gears, gearing, ball screws, gear boxes, other speed changers (excluding motor vehicles) (wholesale)
46690Generating sets (wholesale)
46690Ground flying trainers (wholesale)
46690Hand or foot operated air pumps (wholesale)
46690Heat exchange units and machinery for liquefying air and other gases (wholesale)
46690Helicopters (wholesale)
46690Hydraulic and pneumatic power engines and motors (wholesale)
46690Hydraulic turbines and water wheels (wholesale)
46690Hydrometers, non-medical thermometers, pyrometers, barometers, hygrometers and the like (wholesale)
46690Illuminated signs and name-plates (wholesale)
46690Induction or dielectric heating equipment for industrial or laboratory use (wholesale)
46690Instruments for measuring or checking flow, level, pressure etc. of liquids or gases (wholesale)
46690Insulated winding wire (wholesale)
46690Jacks and hoists of a kind used for raising vehicles (wholesale)
46690Laundry-type washing and dry-cleaning machines (wholesale)
46690Lifting and handling equipment (wholesale)
46690Lifts, skip hoists, escalators and moving walkways (wholesale)
46690Light metal containers (wholesale)
46690Linear acting (cylinders) hydraulic and pneumatic power engines and motors (wholesale)
46690Liquid dielectric transformers (wholesale)
46690Locomotives (wholesale)
46690Machinery and apparatus for filtering or purifying gases (wholesale)
46690Machinery n.e.c. For use in trade, navigation and other services (wholesale)
46690Machinery n.e.c., for industrial use (except mining, construction, textile) (wholesale)
46690Machinery n.e.c., for industrial use (except mining, construction, textile) exporter (wholesale)
46690Machinery n.e.c., for industrial use (except mining, construction, textile) importer (wholesale)
46690Machines and appliances for testing the mechanical properties of materials (wholesale)
46690Magnetic lifting heads (wholesale)
46690Marine propulsion engines (wholesale)
46690Measuring instruments and equipment (wholesale)
46690Metal rolling mills (wholesale)
46690Microscopes (except optical) and diffraction equipment (wholesale)
46690Motorised tanks and other armoured fighting vehicles (wholesale)
46690Moulds, moulding boxes for metal foundries, mould bases and moulding patterns (wholesale)
46690Navigation machinery (wholesale)
46690Ophthalmic instruments (wholesale)
46690Optical fibre cables made up of individually sheathed fibres (wholesale)
46690Paper and paperboard production machinery (wholesale)
46690Permanent magnets and electro-magnetic couplings, clutches and brakes (wholesale)
46690Physical or chemical analysis instruments and apparatus (non-electronic) (wholesale)
46690Plugs, sockets and the like, for switching or protecting industrial electrical circuits (wholesale)
46690Pneumatic and other continuous action elevators and conveyors for goods or materials (wholesale)
46690Primary cells and primary batteries for industrial use (wholesale)
46690Printing block and plates preparation and production machinery, equipment and apparatus (wholesale)
46690Printing machinery (wholesale)
46690Process control valves, gate valves, globe valves and other valves (wholesale)
46690Producer gas or water gas generators (wholesale)
46690Production line robot (wholesale)
46690Public address equipment (wholesale)
46690Pulley tackle and hoists (wholesale)
46690Pumping plant (wholesale)
46690Pumps for liquids (excluding motor vehicles) (wholesale)
46690Railway or tramway coaches, vans and wagons (wholesale)
46690Reciprocating displacement compressors (wholesale)
46690Reciprocating positive displacement pumps for liquids (wholesale)
46690Refrigerating and freezing equipment and heat pumps (commercial) (wholesale)
46690Reservoirs, tanks and containers of metal (not for central heating) (300 litres or more) (wholesale)
46690Revolution and production counters (wholesale)
46690Revolvers, pistols and other firearms and similar devices (wholesale)
46690Rotary displacement compressors (single or multi shaft) (wholesale)
46690Rotary positive displacement pumps for liquids (wholesale)
46690Rubber or plastics working machinery (wholesale)
46690Scene lighting, road lighting and other lighting (not domestic) (wholesale)
46690Ships and boats for the carriage of passengers or goods (wholesale)
46690Ships and boats propellers and blades (wholesale)
46690Snow-ploughs and blowers (wholesale)
46690Spark ignition and compression ignition engines (except motor vehicle and outboard) (wholesale)
46690Special purpose machinery n.e.c. (wholesale)
46690Speed indicators and tachometers (wholesale)
46690Static converters (wholesale)
46690Steam and sand blasting machinery and appliances (excluding agricultural) (wholesale)
46690Steam generators (wholesale)
46690Straddle carriers and works trucks fitted with a crane (wholesale)
46690Stranded wires, cables, plaited bands, slings and the like (not electrically insulated) (wholesale)
46690Stroboscopes (wholesale)
46690Surveying, hydrographic, oceanographic, hydrological and meteorological instruments (wholesale)
46690Switches (wholesale)
46690Swords, cutlasses, bayonets, lances and similar arms (wholesale)
46690Tanks, casks, drums, cans, boxes and similar containers (excluding for gas) (wholesale)
46690Taximeters (wholesale)
46690Therapeutic instruments and appliances (wholesale)
46690Tobacco preparation and making-up machinery (wholesale)
46690Tractors of a type used on railway station platforms (wholesale)
46690Transformers (wholesale)
46690Transport equipment (except motor vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles) (wholesale)
46690Tugs and pusher craft (wholesale)
46690Turbo-compressors (wholesale)
46690Type-setting machinery, equipment and apparatus (wholesale)
46690Vacuum pumps (wholesale)
46690Vending machines (wholesale)
46690Weighing machines and scales for commercial use (wholesale)
46690Winches and capstans (wholesale)
46690Wine, cider, fruit beverage production machinery (wholesale)
46690Wire for industrial use (wholesale)
46690Wire, switches and other installation equipment for industrial use (wholesale)
46690Works trucks (wholesale)