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Groups: 1 Activities: 83


46499Wholesale of household goods (other than musical instruments) n.e.c.


46499Air heaters and hot air distributors (non-electric) (wholesale)
46499Artificial flowers, foliage and fruit (wholesale)
46499Baby carriages (wholesale)
46499Balloons, dirigibles and other non-powered aircraft (wholesale)
46499Ball-point, felt-tipped and other porous-tipped pens and markers (wholesale)
46499Bicycles and their parts and accessories (wholesale)
46499Books (wholesale)
46499Brooms and brushes for domestic use (wholesale)
46499Candles and tapers (wholesale)
46499Cigarette lighters (wholesale)
46499Collectors stamps and coins (wholesale)
46499Combs, hair-slides, hairpins, curling pins (wholesale)
46499Construction and constructional toys (wholesale)
46499Cork goods (wholesale)
46499Cutlery (wholesale)
46499Cycles (wholesale)
46499Dolls (wholesale)
46499Dolls' carriages (wholesale)
46499Domestic ironmongery (wholesale)
46499Earthenware (wholesale)
46499Fancy goods (wholesale)
46499Festive, carnival or other entertainment articles, conjuring tricks and novelty jokes (wholesale)
46499Fishing rods, line fishing tackle and articles for hunting or fishing (wholesale)
46499Fountain pens, Indian ink drawing pens, stylograph pens and other pens (wholesale)
46499Games and toys (wholesale)
46499Gliders and hang-gliders (wholesale)
46499Greeting cards (wholesale)
46499Gymnasium and athletic articles and equipment (wholesale)
46499Handbags (wholesale)
46499Household goods n.e.c. exporter (wholesale)
46499Household goods n.e.c. Importer (wholesale)
46499Household non-electrical appliances (wholesale)
46499Inflatable boats for pleasure or sports (wholesale)
46499Inflatable vessels for pleasure or sports (wholesale)
46499Jewellers' materials (wholesale)
46499Leather goods (wholesale)
46499Liquid or liquefied-gas fuels for lighters in containers (300cc or more) (wholesale)
46499Magazines (wholesale)
46499Matches (wholesale)
46499Metalware for domestic use (wholesale)
46499Newspapers (wholesale)
46499Ovens, cookers, cooking plates, boiling rings, grills and roasters (non-electric) (wholesale)
46499Pencils, crayons, leads, drawing charcoals, writing or drawing chalks and tailors chalk (wholesale)
46499Perambulators (wholesale)
46499Playing cards (wholesale)
46499Propelling or sliding pencils (wholesale)
46499Puzzles (wholesale)
46499Saddlery and leather goods (wholesale)
46499Sailboats for pleasure or sports (wholesale)
46499Sails (wholesale)
46499Scale models (wholesale)
46499Scuba diving breathing equipment (wholesale)
46499Sealing or numbering stamps (wholesale)
46499Smoking pipes and cigarette and cigar holders (wholesale)
46499Snow skis, ice skates and roller skates (wholesale)
46499Special sports footwear such as ski boots (wholesale)
46499Sports goods (wholesale)
46499Stationers' sundries (wholesale)
46499Stationery (wholesale)
46499Sun umbrellas and garden umbrellas (wholesale)
46499Swimming and paddling pools (wholesale)
46499Tents (wholesale)
46499Tooth brushes (wholesale)
46499Toy trains and accessories (wholesale)
46499Toys (wholesale)
46499Toys and games exporter (wholesale)
46499Toys and games importer (wholesale)
46499Travel accessories (wholesale)
46499Travel and fancy goods exporter (wholesale)
46499Travel and fancy goods importer (wholesale)
46499Typewriter ribbons (wholesale)
46499Vessels for pleasure or sports (wholesale)
46499Video games (wholesale)
46499Video games of a kind used with a television receiver (wholesale)
46499Watch and clock movements (wholesale)
46499Water-skis, surf-boards, sail-boards and other water-sport equipment (wholesale)
46499Wheeled toys designed to be ridden by children (wholesale)
46499Whips and riding crops (wholesale)
46499Wickerwork (wholesale)
46499Wooden ware (wholesale)
46499Writing implement sets (wholesale)
46499Yachts (wholesale)