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Groups: 1 Activities: 48


46460Wholesale of pharmaceutical goods


46460Adhesive dressings, catgut and similar materials (wholesale)
46460Antibiotics (wholesale)
46460Antisera and vaccines (wholesale)
46460Artificial joints and parts for the body (wholesale)
46460Artificial teeth and dental fittings (wholesale)
46460Barbers' and similar chairs (wholesale)
46460Breathing appliances for medical use (wholesale)
46460Catgut and similar materials (wholesale)
46460Chemically pure sugars, sugar ethers and sugar esters and their salts (wholesale)
46460Contraceptive chemical preparations based on hormones or spermicides (wholesale)
46460Diagnostic reagents n.e.c. (wholesale)
46460Druggists' sundries (wholesale)
46460Druggists' sundriesman (wholesale)
46460Drugs (wholesale)
46460Electro-diagnostic apparatus for medical use (wholesale)
46460First aid boxes (wholesale)
46460Glands, other organs and their extracts and other human or animal substances n.e.c. (wholesale)
46460Glycoside, vegetable alkaloids and their salts, ethers, esters and other derivatives (wholesale)
46460Hearing aids (wholesale)
46460Hormones and their derivatives (wholesale)
46460Instruments and appliances for dental science (wholesale)
46460Instruments and devices for doctors and hospitals (wholesale)
46460Invalid carriages with or without motor (wholesale)
46460Lactones (wholesale)
46460Lysine and glutamic acid and salts thereof (wholesale)
46460Medical goods (wholesale)
46460Medical, surgical, dental and veterinary furniture (wholesale)
46460Medicaments containing alkaloids or their derivatives (wholesale)
46460Medicaments containing hormones (wholesale)
46460Medicaments containing penicillins or other antibiotics (wholesale)
46460Orthopaedic goods (wholesale)
46460Pace-makers (wholesale)
46460Patent medicines (wholesale)
46460Pharmaceutical chemist (wholesale)
46460Pharmaceutical goods exporter (wholesale)
46460Pharmaceutical goods importer (wholesale)
46460Phosphoaminolipids, amides and their salts and derivatives (wholesale)
46460Prosthesis and orthopaedic appliances (wholesale)
46460Provitamins, vitamins and their derivatives (wholesale)
46460Quaternary ammonium salts and hydroxides (wholesale)
46460Sterilisers for medical, surgical or laboratory use (wholesale)
46460Steroids used primarily as hormones (wholesale)
46460Sulphonamides (wholesale)
46460Surgical and dental instruments and appliances (wholesale)
46460Syringes, needles, catheters and cannulae (wholesale)
46460Ultra-violet and infra-red apparatus for medical use (wholesale)
46460Veterinary drugs (wholesale)