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Groups: 1 Activities: 52


46180Agents specialised in the sale of other particular products


46180Adhesive dressings, catgut and similar materials (commission agent)
46180Amides and their derivatives and salts (commission agent)
46180Amusement goods (commission agent)
46180Antibiotics (commission agent)
46180Antisera and vaccines (commission agent)
46180Artists', students' and sign board painters' colours, modifying tints and similar (commission agent)
46180Beauty, make-up and skin-care preparations including sun tan preparations (commission agent)
46180Chemical contraceptive preparations based on hormones or spermicides (commission agent)
46180Chemical preparations and sensitized emulsions for photographic use (commission agent)
46180Cosmetics (commission agent)
46180Diagnostic reagents and other pharmaceutical products (commission agent)
46180Diamond broker (commission agent)
46180First aid boxes (commission agent)
46180Glands and other organs, extracts thereof and other human or animal substances (commission agent)
46180Glycosides, vegetable alkaloids, their salts, ethers, esters and other derivatives(commission agent)
46180Hormones and their derivatives (commission agent)
46180Jewellery (commission agent)
46180Lip make-up and eye make-up preparations (commission agent)
46180Lysine, glutamic acid and their salts (commission agent)
46180Manicure and pedicure preparations (commission agent)
46180Man-made fibre waste (commission agent)
46180Medical goods (commission agent)
46180Medicaments containing hormones but (not antibiotics) (commission agent)
46180Medicaments containing penicillins or other antibiotics (commission agent)
46180Musical instruments (commission agent)
46180Natural cork in plates, sheets, strips, crushed, granulated or ground (commission agent)
46180Oral and dental hygiene preparations including denture fixative pastes and powders (commission agent)
46180Perfumery, cosmetic and toilet and bath preparations (commission agent)
46180Pharmaceutical goods (commission agent)
46180Phosphoaminolipids (commission agent)
46180Photographic equipment (commission agent)
46180Photographic paper (commission agent)
46180Photographic plates and film and instant print film (commission agent)
46180Powders for cosmetic or toilet use (commission agent)
46180Provitamins, vitamins and their derivatives (commission agent)
46180Quaternary ammonium salts and hydroxides (commission agent)
46180Sails for boats, sailboards or landcraft (commission agents)
46180Salicylic acids, o-acetylsalicylic acid and their salts and esters (commission agent)
46180Shampoos, hair lacquers and permanent waving or straightening preparations (commission agent)
46180Shaving preparations, personal deodorants and antiperspirants (commission agent)
46180Sleeping bags (commission agent)
46180Soap and organic surface-active products and preparations for use as soap (commission agent)
46180Soft goods (commission agent)
46180Sporting goods (commission agent)
46180Stationery (commission agent)
46180Steroids used primarily as hormones (commission agent)
46180Sugar ethers, sugar esters and their salts and chemically pure sugar (commission agent)
46180Sulphonamides (commission agent)
46180Tents and other camping goods (commission agent)
46180Unrecorded media for sound recording or similar recording of other phenomena (commission agent)
46180Waste and scrap (commission agent)