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Groups: 1 Activities: 140


32500Manufacture of medical and dental instruments and supplies


32500Absorbable haemostatics (manufacture)
32500Adhesive plaster and surgical bandage (manufacture)
32500Anaesthetic equipment (manufacture)
32500Artificial eye (manufacture)
32500Artificial limb (manufacture)
32500Artificial parts for the heart (manufacture)
32500Artificial respiration equipment (manufacture)
32500Artificial teeth (manufacture)
32500Aseptic hospital furniture (manufacture)
32500Audiometers (manufacture)
32500Autoclaves (manufacture)
32500Bone plates and screws (manufacture)
32500Bone reconstruction cements (manufacture)
32500Breathing apparatus for diving (manufacture)
32500Bridges made in dental labs (manufacture)
32500Cannulae (manufacture)
32500Catheter (manufacture)
32500Cautery and light unit (manufacture)
32500Centrifuge (laboratory type) (manufacture)
32500Colour filter (unmounted) (manufacture)
32500Contact lens (manufacture)
32500Corrective glasses (manufacture)
32500Cotton wool and tissues (manufacture)
32500Crutches (manufacture)
32500Cutter for dental use (manufacture)
32500Dental brush (manufacture)
32500Dental cement (manufacture)
32500Dental chair (manufacture)
32500Dental drill engines (manufacture)
32500Dental filling (manufacture)
32500Dental instrument (manufacture)
32500Dental laboratory furnaces (manufacture)
32500Dental laboratory instruments and equipment (manufacture)
32500Dental mirror (manufacture)
32500Dental surgical instruments and equipment (manufacture)
32500Dental wax and other dental plaster preparations (manufacture)
32500Denture (manufacture)
32500Diathermy apparatus (manufacture)
32500Dissecting instrument (manufacture)
32500Foot support (manufacture)
32500Furniture for medical, surgical, dental or veterinary use (manufacture)
32500Gauze (surgical) (manufacture)
32500Glass eyes (manufacture)
32500Goggles (manufacture)
32500Grating (mounted, (not photographic)) (manufacture)
32500Grating (unmounted, optical) (manufacture)
32500Hospital beds with mechanical fittings (manufacture)
32500Hyperbaric chambers (manufacture)
32500Hypodermic syringe and equipment (manufacture)
32500Instep support (manufacture)
32500Instruments and apparatus used for medical, surgical, dental or veterinary purposes (manufacture)
32500Laboratory sterilisers (manufacture)
32500Laboratory type distilling apparatus (manufacture)
32500Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machinery (manufacture)
32500Laminaria (manufacture)
32500Laser surgical apparatus (manufacture)
32500Lens (mounted, (not photographic)) (manufacture)
32500Lens (unmounted) (manufacture)
32500Lithotriptors (manufacture)
32500Massage apparatus (manufacture)
32500Mechano-therapy appliances (manufacture)
32500Medical and dental instruments and supplies (manufacture)
32500Medical appliances (manufacture)
32500Medical instrument (non-optical) (manufacture)
32500Medical nucleonic apparatus (manufacture)
32500Medical rubber dressings (manufacture)
32500Medical rubber goods (not dressings) (manufacture)
32500Medical thermometers (manufacture)
32500Medical, surgical, dental or veterinary examination tables (manufacture)
32500Medical, surgical, dental or veterinary operating tables (manufacture)
32500Medicated dressings (manufacture)
32500Mirrors for medical use (manufacture)
32500Monocle (manufacture)
32500Myograph (manufacture)
32500Needles used in medicine (manufacture)
32500Nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus (manufacture)
32500Nucleonic medical apparatus (manufacture)
32500Operating tables (manufacture)
32500Ophthalmic eyeglasses (manufacture)
32500Ophthalmic instrument (manufacture)
32500Ophthalmic lenses ground to prescription, safety goggles (manufacture)
32500Optical element (mounted, (not photographic)) (manufacture)
32500Optical element (unmounted) (manufacture)
32500Orthopaedic appliances (not footwear) (manufacture)
32500Orthopaedic footwear (manufacture)
32500Orthopedic and prosthetic devices (manufacture)
32500Oxygen breathing equipment for medical use (manufacture)
32500Oxygen therapy apparatus (manufacture)
32500Ozone therapy apparatus (manufacture)
32500Pharmaceutical non-medicament products (manufacture)
32500Plaster bandages (manufacture)
32500Polarising elements (manufacture)
32500Prisms (mounted, (not photographic)) (manufacture)
32500Prisms (unmounted) (manufacture)
32500Protective glasses (manufacture)
32500Psychological testing apparatus (manufacture)
32500Psychology testing apparatus (manufacture)
32500Reading glasses (manufacture)
32500Reflectors used in medicine (manufacture)
32500Respirator and mask for medical use (manufacture)
32500Resuscitation equipment (manufacture)
32500Rubber gloves (medical) (manufacture)
32500Scintigraphy apparatus (manufacture)
32500Sheep and cattle dressings (manufacture)
32500Shroud and cerement (manufacture)
32500Spectacle frames (manufacture)
32500Spectacle lens (manufacture)
32500Spectacle mounts (manufacture)
32500Spectacles (manufacture)
32500Splints (manufacture)
32500Sterilising equipment for medical use (manufacture)
32500Sterilizers (manufacture)
32500Sticking plaster (surgical) (manufacture)
32500Sunglasses (manufacture)
32500Surgical bandage (manufacture)
32500Surgical belts (manufacture)
32500Surgical boot (manufacture)
32500Surgical corset (manufacture)
32500Surgical drapes and sterile string and tissue (manufacture)
32500Surgical dressing (manufacture)
32500Surgical equipment (manufacture)
32500Surgical gauze (manufacture)
32500Surgical goods made of rubber (manufacture)
32500Surgical gut string (manufacture)
32500Surgical hosiery (manufacture)
32500Surgical implants (manufacture)
32500Surgical instrument (manufacture)
32500Surgical lint (manufacture)
32500Surgical sutures (manufacture)
32500Surgical truss (manufacture)
32500Surgical wadding (manufacture)
32500Syringes (manufacture)
32500Traction or suspension devices for medical beds (manufacture)
32500Transfusion apparatus (manufacture)
32500Transfusion pods (manufacture)
32500Urine bottle holders and other accessories for medical beds (manufacture)
32500Vascular prostheses (manufacture)
32500Veterinary equipment (manufacture)
32500Zimmer frames and other walking aids (manufacture)