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Groups: 1 Activities: 46


32200Manufacture of musical instruments


32200Accordion (manufacture)
32200Automatic pianos (manufacture)
32200Bagpipes and reeds (manufacture)
32200Call horns (manufacture)
32200Calliopes (manufacture)
32200Cards for automatic mechanical instruments (manufacture)
32200Cello (manufacture)
32200Concertina (manufacture)
32200Discs for automatic mechanical instruments (manufacture)
32200Double bass (manufacture)
32200Drum (musical instrument) (manufacture)
32200Electronic musical instrument (manufacture)
32200Fairground organs (manufacture)
32200Guitar (manufacture)
32200Harmoniums (manufacture)
32200Harmoniums with free metal reeds (manufacture)
32200Harpsichord (manufacture)
32200Horns (musical) (manufacture)
32200Keyboard instruments (manufacture)
32200Keyboard pipe organs with free metal reeds (manufacture)
32200Keyboard stringed instruments (manufacture)
32200Metronome (electronic or mechanical) (manufacture)
32200Mouth blown signalling instruments (manufacture)
32200Mouth organ (manufacture)
32200Music box mechanisms (manufacture)
32200Musical box (manufacture)
32200Musical instrument parts and accessories (manufacture)
32200Musical instrument tuners (electronic) (manufacture)
32200Musical instruments including electronic (manufacture)
32200Organ tuning (manufacture)
32200Percussion instrument (manufacture)
32200Piano (manufacture)
32200Pipe organ (manufacture)
32200Pitch pipes (manufacture)
32200Recorders made of plastic or wood (manufacture)
32200Reed for musical instrument (manufacture)
32200Rolls for automatic mechanical instruments (manufacture)
32200Stringed instruments (manufacture)
32200Strings for musical instruments (manufacture)
32200Tuning fork (manufacture)
32200Viola (manufacture)
32200Violin (manufacture)
32200Whistles (manufacture)
32200Wind instrument (manufacture)
32200Woodwind instruments (manufacture)