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Groups: 1 Activities: 43


32120Manufacture of jewellery and related articles


32120Articles for religious use of base metals clad with precious metals (manufacture)
32120Cutlery made of precious metal (manufacture)
32120Diamond cutting (manufacture)
32120Diamond working (manufacture)
32120Dinnerware flatware hollowware of base metals clad with precious metals (manufacture)
32120Engraving (personalised) on precious metal (manufacture)
32120Engraving of personal non-precious metal products (manufacture)
32120Findings and stampings made of precious metals for jewellery (manufacture)
32120Gold and silver braid (manufacture)
32120Gold and silver embroidery (manufacture)
32120Gold and silver mounting (manufacture)
32120Gold laceman (manufacture)
32120Gold leaf (manufacture)
32120Goldsmiths' articles (manufacture)
32120Goldsmiths' articles of base metals clad with precious metals (manufacture)
32120Goldsmiths' articles of precious metals (manufacture)
32120Industrial quality stones (manufacture)
32120Jet ornaments and jewellery (manufacture)
32120Jewellery (gold or silver plated) (manufacture)
32120Jewellery engraving (not distributive trades) (manufacture)
32120Jewellery made of platinum (manufacture)
32120Jewellery made of precious metal (manufacture)
32120Jewellery made of semi-precious stones (manufacture)
32120Jewellery of base metal clad with precious metal (manufacture)
32120Jewellery polishing (manufacture)
32120Jewellery with precious stones (manufacture)
32120Office or desk articles of base metals clad with precious metals (manufacture)
32120Ornaments made of precious metal (manufacture)
32120Ornaments that are gold or silver plated (manufacture)
32120Pearl drilling (manufacture)
32120Pearl stringing (manufacture)
32120Pearls production (manufacture)
32120Precious and semi-precious stones in the worked state production (manufacture)
32120Precious stone cutting (manufacture)
32120Silver burnishing (manufacture)
32120Silversmiths' work (manufacture)
32120Synthetic precious and semi-precious stones (manufacture)
32120Tableware made of precious metal (manufacture)
32120Teapots made of precious metal (manufacture)
32120Toilet articles of base metals clad with precious metals (manufacture)
32120Watchbands, wristbands and watch straps, of precious metal (manufacture)
32120Worked pearls (manufacture)