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Groups: 1 Activities: 94


31090Manufacture of other furniture


31090Armchair (manufacture)
31090Bamboo furniture (other than seating) (manufacture)
31090Basket chair (manufacture)
31090Basket furniture (manufacture)
31090Bed heads made of metal (manufacture)
31090Bed settee (manufacture)
31090Bedsteads made of metal (manufacture)
31090Bedsteads made of wood (manufacture)
31090Bench seat (manufacture)
31090Bentwood furniture (manufacture)
31090Bookcase made of wood (manufacture)
31090Bunk beds made of metal (manufacture)
31090Bunk beds made of wood (manufacture)
31090Cabinet case made of wood (manufacture)
31090Cabinets for sewing machines (manufacture)
31090Cabinets for televisions (manufacture)
31090Camp furniture made of wood (manufacture)
31090Cane chair (manufacture)
31090Cane furniture (manufacture)
31090Chair (non-upholstered) (manufacture)
31090Chair (upholstered) (manufacture)
31090Chair frames made of wood (manufacture)
31090Chair seating made of cane or wicker (manufacture)
31090Chairs made of metal (manufacture)
31090Chairs made of plastic (manufacture)
31090Chaise longue (manufacture)
31090Chest of drawers (manufacture)
31090Cocktail cabinet (manufacture)
31090Coffee table (manufacture)
31090Convertible furniture (manufacture)
31090Cot frame (manufacture)
31090Couch (manufacture)
31090Cupboard (manufacture)
31090Deck chairs made of wood (manufacture)
31090Dining chair (manufacture)
31090Dining table (manufacture)
31090Display cabinet for domestic use (manufacture)
31090Dressing table (manufacture)
31090Finishing of chairs and seats
31090Fire screen (manufacture)
31090Folding bed (manufacture)
31090Frames for mattress support made of wood (manufacture)
31090French polishing (manufacture)
31090Fume cupboards (manufacture)
31090Furniture components made of wood (manufacture)
31090Furniture finishing (except chairs and seats) (manufacture)
31090Furniture for bedrooms (other than mattresses and mattress supports) (manufacture)
31090Furniture for gardens (manufacture)
31090Furniture for living rooms (manufacture)
31090Furniture for nurseries (manufacture)
31090Furniture kit (manufacture)
31090Furniture made of bamboo (other than seating) (manufacture)
31090Furniture parts made of wood (manufacture)
31090Garden chairs (manufacture)
31090Garden seating (manufacture)
31090Hall stand (manufacture)
31090Ice box made of wood (manufacture)
31090Ice chest made of wood (manufacture)
31090Insulated cabinets made of wood (manufacture)
31090Lacquering, varnishing and gilding of furniture (manufacture)
31090Metal framed upholstery for seating (manufacture)
31090Other plastic furniture (manufacture)
31090Ottoman (manufacture)
31090Outdoor furniture (non-upholstered) (manufacture)
31090Outdoor furniture made of metal (manufacture)
31090Outdoor seating (manufacture)
31090Painting of furniture (manufacture)
31090Pew (manufacture)
31090Plastic shell upholstery (manufacture)
31090Room divide system (manufacture)
31090Rustic furniture (manufacture)
31090Seating (manufacture)
31090Seating made of metal (not for road vehicle or aircraft) (manufacture)
31090Settee (manufacture)
31090Sideboard (manufacture)
31090Sofa (manufacture)
31090Sofa sets (manufacture)
31090Sofabeds (manufacture)
31090Spraying of furniture (manufacture)
31090Storage cabinets for domestic use (manufacture)
31090Studio couch (manufacture)
31090Tables for domestic use (manufacture)
31090Unit furniture (non-upholstered) (manufacture)
31090Unit seating for domestic use (upholstered) (manufacture)
31090Upholstered furniture (other than chairs and seats) (manufacture)
31090Upholsterer (not repair and maintenance) (manufacture)
31090Upholstery of chairs and seats (manufacture)
31090Wall unit (manufacture)
31090Wardrobes (manufacture)
31090Wardrobes made of metal (manufacture)
31090Wicker furniture (manufacture)
31090Work benches made of wood (manufacture)
31090Woven fibre furniture (manufacture)