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Groups: 1 Activities: 63


30200Manufacture of railway locomotives and rolling stock


30200Airfield mechanical or electro-mechanical signalling, safety, traffic control equipment(manufacture)
30200Assembled rail sections (manufacture)
30200Axles and wheels for locomotive and rolling stock (manufacture)
30200Axles for rail and tramway vehicles (manufacture)
30200Axles made of steel for railway and tramway vehicles (manufacture)
30200Body for locomotive (manufacture)
30200Bogie for locomotive (manufacture)
30200Bogies (manufacture)
30200Brakes and parts of brakes for locomotive and rolling stock (manufacture)
30200Braking systems for locomotives (manufacture)
30200Buffers and buffer parts (manufacture)
30200Chassis for locomotive (manufacture)
30200Crane vans (manufacture)
30200Diesel electric locomotive (manufacture)
30200Diesel locomotive (manufacture)
30200Electric rail locomotives (manufacture)
30200Fog signalling equipment (manufacture)
30200Goods van for railways (manufacture)
30200Goods wagon for railways (manufacture)
30200Hooks and coupling devices (manufacture)
30200Inland waterways signalling, safety or traffic control equipment (manufacture)
30200Level crossing control gear (manufacture)
30200Locomotive (manufacture)
30200Locomotive parts and accessories (manufacture)
30200Luggage van for railway (manufacture)
30200Mining locomotives and mining rail cars (manufacture)
30200Passenger carriage for railways (manufacture)
30200Point locks (manufacture)
30200Post van for railways (manufacture)
30200Rail locomotives (manufacture)
30200Railbrakes (manufacture)
30200Railway and tramway coaches (manufacture)
30200Railway and tramway locomotives and specialised parts (manufacture)
30200Railway and tramway rolling stock (manufacture)
30200Railway car seats (manufacture)
30200Railway coach (manufacture)
30200Railway locomotives and rolling stock (manufacture)
30200Railway or tramway not self-propelled passenger coaches, goods vans and other wagons (manufacture)
30200Railway self-propelled car (manufacture)
30200Railway signalling equipment (mechanical) (manufacture)
30200Railway test wagon (manufacture)
30200Railway track equipment (mechanical) (manufacture)
30200Railway wagon (manufacture)
30200Railway wagon axle box and axle lubricator (manufacture)
30200Refrigerated wagon for railway (manufacture)
30200Rolling stock (manufacture)
30200Self-propelled railway car (manufacture)
30200Self-propelled railway or tramway coaches, vans, maintenance or service vehicles (manufacture)
30200Shock absorbers; bodies; etc. of railway or tramway locomotives or of rolling stock (manufacture)
30200Signal box equipment (manufacture)
30200Signalling equipment for airports, inland waterways, ports, roads and tramways (manufacture)
30200Signalling equipment for railways (electro mechanical) manufacture
30200Signalling, safety and traffic control equipment for railways (manufacture)
30200Signalling, safety or traffic control equipment (electrical) (manufacture)
30200Special purpose railway wagon (manufacture)
30200Steam rail locomotives (manufacture)
30200Tanker wagon for railway (manufacture)
30200Tenders (manufacture)
30200Test wagons for railway (manufacture)
30200Traffic control equipment for roads and inland waterways (manufacture)
30200Wagon and locomotive frames (manufacture)
30200Workshop wagon for railways (manufacture)