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Groups: 1 Activities: 73


30110Building of ships and floating structures


30110Barge (manufacture)
30110Beacon for shipping (manufacture)
30110Beacons for ships (manufacture)
30110Building of commercial vessels (manufacture)
30110Building of ferry-boats (manufacture)
30110Building of fish-processing factory vessels (manufacture)
30110Building of passenger vessels (manufacture)
30110Bulk carrier (cargo ship) (manufacture)
30110Buoys (not plastic) (manufacture)
30110Buoys made of plastic (manufacture)
30110Cable ship (manufacture)
30110Caisson (manufacture)
30110Cargo ship (manufacture)
30110Cementing of ships (manufacture)
30110Coffer-dam construction (manufacture)
30110Construction of drilling platforms, floating or submersible (manufacture)
30110Construction of non-recreational inflatable rafts
30110Container ship (manufacture)
30110Conversion of ships (manufacture)
30110Deck for oil platform (manufacture)
30110Decking for ships (manufacture)
30110Dredger (manufacture)
30110Drilling ship (manufacture)
30110Ferry (manufacture)
30110Fishing boats (manufacture)
30110Fishing vessel (manufacture)
30110Fleet tender (manufacture)
30110Floating crane (manufacture)
30110Floating docks construction (manufacture)
30110Floating harbour (manufacture)
30110Floating landing stages construction (manufacture)
30110Floating tanks construction (manufacture)
30110Flotation vessel of steel, for oil platform (manufacture)
30110Hovercraft (manufacture)
30110Hydrofoil (manufacture)
30110Jacket leg of steel plate for oil platform (manufacture)
30110Landing stage (floating) (manufacture)
30110Lifeboat (manufacture)
30110Lifebuoy made of rubber (manufacture)
30110Liferaft (not rubber inflatable) (manufacture)
30110Lighter (ship) (manufacture)
30110Lightship (manufacture)
30110Liner (ship) (manufacture)
30110Masts and spars for ships (manufacture)
30110Model ship made by shipbuilder (manufacture)
30110Modules for oil platform (manufacture)
30110Naval dockyard (shipbuilding and repairing) (manufacture)
30110Naval ships of all types (manufacture)
30110Offshore floating drilling rig (manufacture)
30110Offshore support vessel (manufacture)
30110Oil platform fabrication of steel plate (manufacture)
30110Oil platform structural sections (manufacture)
30110Painting of ships (manufacture)
30110Passenger cargo liner (manufacture)
30110Passenger vessel building (manufacture)
30110Platform for drilling rig (manufacture)
30110Pontoons construction (manufacture)
30110Refitting of ships (manufacture)
30110Research vessel (manufacture)
30110Salvage vessel (manufacture)
30110Sea going luxury yachts of 100 gross tons or more (manufacture)
30110Seats for ships and floating structures (manufacture)
30110Sections for ships and floating structures (manufacture)
30110Shipbuilding (manufacture)
30110Sludge vessel (manufacture)
30110Submarine (manufacture)
30110Tanker (ship) (manufacture)
30110Trawler (manufacture)
30110Tubular modules for oil rigs (manufacture)
30110Tug (manufacture)
30110Warship (manufacture)
30110Whaler (manufacture)