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Groups: 1 Activities: 53


29320Manufacture of other parts and accessories for motor vehicles


29320Accessories and parts for motor vehicles and their engines (manufacture)
29320Airbags for motor vehicle (manufacture)
29320Anti-roll bars for motor vehicles (manufacture)
29320Arm rest for motor vehicle (manufacture)
29320Auto spare parts (manufacture)
29320Axle for motor vehicle (manufacture)
29320Brakes and parts (excluding linings for motor vehicles) (manufacture)
29320Bumpers for motor vehicles (manufacture)
29320Caps for petrol, oil or radiator for motor vehicle (manufacture)
29320Car body parts (manufacture)
29320Car components (manufacture)
29320Catalyzers (manufacture)
29320Chassis and parts for coaches (manufacture)
29320Clutch and parts for motor vehicles (manufacture)
29320Coupling for articulated motor vehicle (manufacture)
29320Differential unit for motor vehicle (manufacture)
29320Disc brakes (manufacture)
29320Doors for motor vehicles (manufacture)
29320Drive shaft for motor vehicles (manufacture)
29320Exhaust pipes for motor vehicles (manufacture)
29320Exhaust systems and components for motor vehicles (manufacture)
29320Fuel tank for motor vehicle (manufacture)
29320Gear box for motor vehicle (manual or automatic) (manufacture)
29320Half shaft (manufacture)
29320Independent suspension units for motor vehicles (manufacture)
29320KD sets for vehicles if the value is less than half the value of the complete vehicle (manufacture)
29320Panels for motor vehicle bodywork, made of metal or fibreglass (manufacture)
29320Parts for motor vehicles (not electric) (manufacture)
29320Pipes for motor vehicles (manufacture)
29320Propeller shaft for motor vehicle (manufacture)
29320Radiator for motor vehicle (manufacture)
29320Radiator grill for motor vehicle (manufacture)
29320Registration plate for motor vehicle (manufacture)
29320Road wheels for motor vehicle (manufacture)
29320Running gear for motor vehicles (manufacture)
29320Safety belts for cars (manufacture)
29320Seats for motor vehicles (manufacture)
29320Shock absorber for motor vehicle (manufacture)
29320Silencer for motor vehicle (manufacture)
29320Spring suspension for motor vehicles (manufacture)
29320Steering box for motor vehicle (manufacture)
29320Steering column for motor vehicle (manufacture)
29320Steering equipment components for motor vehicles (manufacture)
29320Steering wheels for motor vehicle (manufacture)
29320Suspension shock absorbers for motor vehicle (manufacture)
29320Suspension springs for motor vehicle (manufacture)
29320Tipping gear and parts thereof for motor vehicles (not hydraulic) (manufacture)
29320Track rods for motor vehicles (manufacture)
29320Universal joints for motor vehicles (manufacture)
29320Wheels and hubs for motor vehicles (manufacture)
29320Window winding gear for motor vehicles (not electric) (manufacture)
29320Windscreen wipers for motor vehicles (non-electric) (manufacture)