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Search UK Standard Industrial Classification 2007 (UK SIC 2007). Empty search will display all groups. 5 digits will search on exact SIC code otherwise Name is searched. Click on a SIC code in the table to show only that group.

Groups: 1 Activities: 57


29100Manufacture of motor vehicles


29100Ambulance (manufacture)
29100Amphibious vehicles (manufacture)
29100Armoured car (except military fighting vehicles) (manufacture)
29100ATVs, go-carts and similar including race cars (manufacture)
29100Battery powered electric commercial vehicle (manufacture)
29100Breakdown lorry (manufacture)
29100Bus (manufacture)
29100Cars (manufacture)
29100Chassis fitted with engine (manufacture)
29100Chassis for motor vehicles (manufacture)
29100Chassis with engine for commercial vehicle (manufacture)
29100Coach (manufacture)
29100Coach engine (manufacture)
29100Commercial vehicles (manufacture)
29100Concrete-mixer lorries (manufacture)
29100Crane lorry (manufacture)
29100Dump truck (manufacture)
29100Electrically powered commercial vehicles (manufacture)
29100Engine for motor vehicle (manufacture)
29100Engines (internal combustion) for motor vehicles (manufacture)
29100Estate car (manufacture)
29100Factory rebuilding of motor vehicle engines (manufacture)
29100Fire engine (manufacture)
29100Fire tender (manufacture)
29100Golf carts (manufacture)
29100Heavy goods vehicle (manufacture)
29100Internal combustion engine for motor vehicles (manufacture)
29100Internal combustion engines for tractors (manufacture)
29100KD sets for cars at least 50% of value of complete vehicle (manufacture)
29100KD sets for commercial vehicles at least 50% of value of complete vehicle (manufacture)
29100Lorry (manufacture)
29100Minibus (manufacture)
29100Mobile library (not trailer) (manufacture)
29100Mobile x-ray unit (not trailer) (manufacture)
29100Motor car (manufacture)
29100Motor coach (manufacture)
29100Motor vehicle reconditioning by manufacturer (manufacture)
29100Motor vehicles (manufacture)
29100Motor vehicles for commercial use (manufacture)
29100Motorised caravans (manufacture)
29100Passenger cars (manufacture)
29100Refrigerated lorry (manufacture)
29100Refuse disposal vehicle (manufacture)
29100Road tanker (not trailer) (manufacture)
29100Road tractor unit (manufacture)
29100Snow mobiles (manufacture)
29100Spraying lorry (manufacture)
29100Station wagon (manufacture)
29100Street sweepers (manufacture)
29100Street sweeping lorry (manufacture)
29100Taxi (manufacture)
29100Tractors for semi-trailers (manufacture)
29100Travelling libraries, banks, etc. (not trailers) (manufacture)
29100Trolley bus (manufacture)
29100Truck (commercial vehicle) (manufacture)
29100Van (manufacture)