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Groups: 1 Activities: 94


28990Manufacture of other special-purpose machinery n.e.c.


28990Accumulator for hydraulic equipment (manufacture)
28990Aircraft carrier catapults and related equipment (manufacture)
28990Aircraft launching gear and related equipment (manufacture)
28990Apparatus and equipment for automatically developing photographic film
28990Battery making machine (manufacture)
28990Blackboard chalk making machinery (manufacture)
28990Blocking machine (manufacture)
28990Bookbinding machine (manufacture)
28990Bow thruster (manufacture)
28990Bowling alley equipment (manufacture)
28990Brick making machinery (manufacture)
28990Cable making machine (manufacture)
28990Carpet shampoo appliance (not domestic electric) (manufacture)
28990Carpet sweeper (industrial) (manufacture)
28990Catapult for launching aircraft (manufacture)
28990Cement block making machine (manufacture)
28990Central greasing systems (manufacture)
28990Centrifugal clothes dryer (manufacture)
28990Ceramic making machine (manufacture)
28990Ceramic pastes production machinery (shaped) (manufacture)
28990Coating machine for bookbinding or paper working (manufacture)
28990Collating machine for bookbinders (manufacture)
28990Composing room equipment (manufacture)
28990Concrete block making machinery (manufacture)
28990Creasing machine for bookbinding (manufacture)
28990Crystalliser for chemical industry (manufacture)
28990Cutting machine for bookbinding (manufacture)
28990Deck arresters for aircraft (manufacture)
28990Decompression chamber (manufacture)
28990Diving equipment (excluding breathing apparatus) (manufacture)
28990Dryers for wood, paper pulp, paper or paperboard (manufacture)
28990Drying machine for the chemical industry (manufacture)
28990Fairground rides (manufacture)
28990Flexographic printing machine (manufacture)
28990Forming machine for glass working (multi-head) (manufacture)
28990Foundry moulds forming machinery (manufacture)
28990Gathering machine (paper working) (manufacture)
28990Glass, glassware and glass fibre or yarn production machinery (manufacture)
28990Gluing machinery for bookbinders, etc. (manufacture)
28990Granulator for the chemical industry (manufacture)
28990Graphite electrodes production machinery (manufacture)
28990Gravure printing machine (manufacture)
28990Grinding machines for glass (manufacture)
28990Gyroscope (manufacture)
28990Hatch cover (mechanically operated) (manufacture)
28990Hot glass working machinery (manufacture)
28990Industrial carpet sweeper (manufacture)
28990Industrial mixing equipment for the chemical industry (manufacture)
28990Industrial robots for multiple uses (manufacture)
28990Isotopic separation machinery or apparatus (manufacture)
28990Lamp making machine (manufacture)
28990Launching gear for aircraft (manufacture)
28990Letterpress printing machine (manufacture)
28990Machines for the assembly of electric or electronic lamps, tubes (valves) or bulbs (manufacture)
28990Offset litho printing machine (manufacture)
28990Photo-engraving machine (manufacture)
28990Photogravure machine (manufacture)
28990Photolitho machine (manufacture)
28990Photolithography equipment for the manufacture of semi-conductors (manufacturing)
28990Pipe making machinery (manufacture)
28990Polishing machine for glass (manufacture)
28990Pottery making machinery (manufacture)
28990Printing machine or press (manufacture)
28990Pulverising machinery for the chemical industry (manufacture)
28990Reduction gear for marine use (manufacture)
28990Robots for multiple industrial uses (manufacture)
28990Rope making machines (manufacture)
28990Roundabout for fairground (manufacture)
28990Ruling machinery for printing (manufacture)
28990Sand handling, mixing, treatment or reclamation plant for foundries (manufacture)
28990Scanner (printing machinery) (manufacture)
28990Sewing machinery for bookbinding (manufacture)
28990Shooting galleries (manufacture)
28990Size reduction equipment for the chemical industry (manufacture)
28990Size separation equipment for the chemical industry (manufacture)
28990Soap making machinery (manufacture)
28990Stabiliser for ship (manufacture)
28990Steering gear for marine use (manufacture)
28990Stern gear (manufacture)
28990Stitching machine for bookbinding (manufacture)
28990Surge damper for hydraulic equipment (manufacture)
28990Swings (fairground equipment) (manufacture)
28990Tanning beds (manufacture)
28990Thermo forming machines (manufacture)
28990Tile making machine (not plastic working) (manufacture)
28990Trawl door (manufacture)
28990Tubes (valves) or bulbs producing machinery (manufacture)
28990Type setting machine (manufacture)
28990Tyre alignment and balancing equipment (except wheel balancing) (manufacture)
28990Vacuum cleaners for industrial and commercial use (manufacture)
28990Vacuum forming machine (manufacture)
28990Wire coiling machine (manufacture)
28990Wire rope making machine (manufacture)