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Groups: 1 Activities: 118


28940Manufacture of machinery for textile, apparel and leather production


28940Apparel and leather production machinery (manufacture)
28940Apparel production machinery (manufacture)
28940Automatic stop motions (textile machinery) (manufacture)
28940Backing and curling machinery (carpet making) (manufacture)
28940Bale breakers (manufacture)
28940Beaming machinery (textile) (manufacture)
28940Bleaching machinery (textile) (manufacture)
28940Blowroom machinery (textile) (manufacture)
28940Bobbins for textile machinery (manufacture)
28940Card tape reader for textile machinery (manufacture)
28940Carders (manufacture)
28940Carding machinery for textiles (manufacture)
28940Carpet making machinery (manufacture)
28940Coating machinery for textiles (manufacture)
28940Comb for textile machinery (manufacture)
28940Combing machinery for textiles (manufacture)
28940Cots (textile machinery accessory) (manufacture)
28940Cotton gins (manufacture)
28940Cotton spreaders (manufacture)
28940Crabbing machinery for textiles (manufacture)
28940Cropping machinery for textiles (manufacture)
28940Curing machinery for textiles (manufacture)
28940Cutting machine for textile fibres (manufacture)
28940Cutting machinery for textile fabrics (manufacture)
28940Decatising machinery for textiles (manufacture)
28940De-sizing machinery for textiles (manufacture)
28940Dobbies (textile machinery) (manufacture)
28940Doubling machinery for textiles (manufacture)
28940Drawing machinery for textiles (manufacture)
28940Dry cleaning machinery (manufacture)
28940Drying machinery (commercial) for textiles (manufacture)
28940Drying machines for laundries or dry cleaners (manufacture)
28940Dye cycle controller (textile machinery) (manufacture)
28940Dyeing machinery for textiles (manufacture)
28940Dyesprings (textile machinery accessory) (manufacture)
28940Embossing machinery for textiles (manufacture)
28940Extruding machinery for textiles (manufacture)
28940Fabric processing machinery (manufacture)
28940Faller (textile machinery accessory) (manufacture)
28940Felt or non-woven fabric production or finishing machines (manufacture)
28940Felts or non-wovens production and finishing machines (manufacture)
28940Film reader for textile machinery (manufacture)
28940Finishing machinery for textiles (manufacture)
28940Flatwork machine for laundry (manufacture)
28940Footwear making or repairing machinery (manufacture)
28940Fusing presses (manufacture)
28940Garnetters (manufacture)
28940Heald (textile machinery accessory) (manufacture)
28940Heat setting machinery for textiles (manufacture)
28940Hides and skins preparation, tanning, working or repairing machinery (manufacture)
28940Hosiery knitting machinery (manufacture)
28940Ironing machine for non-domestic use (manufacture)
28940Jacquard machinery for carpet making (manufacture)
28940Jacquard textile machinery (manufacture)
28940Knitting machine (manufacture)
28940Knotted net, tulle, lace, braid etc. making machines (manufacture)
28940Laundry machinery (manufacture)
28940Leather working machine (manufacture)
28940Loom (manufacture)
28940Loom winder (manufacture)
28940Man-made textile fibre or yarn producing machinery (manufacture)
28940Mercerising machinery for textiles (manufacture)
28940Milling machinery for textiles (manufacture)
28940Needles for sewing machines (manufacture)
28940Pirns (textile machinery accessory) (manufacture)
28940Plaiting machinery for textiles (manufacture)
28940Printing machinery for textiles (manufacture)
28940Programmer for textile machinery (manufacture)
28940Raising machinery for textiles (manufacture)
28940Reaching-in machinery for textiles (manufacture)
28940Reed (textile machinery accessory) (manufacture)
28940Reeling machinery for textiles (manufacture)
28940Rigging machinery for textiles (manufacture)
28940Ring traveller for textile machinery (manufacture)
28940Roller (textile machinery accessory) (manufacture)
28940Roving frames (manufacture)
28940Scouring machinery for textiles (manufacture)
28940Sewing machine (manufacture)
28940Sewing machine heads (manufacture)
28940Shearing machinery for textiles (manufacture)
28940Shrinking machines for textiles (manufacture)
28940Shuttle (textile machinery accessory) (manufacture)
28940Shuttle changing machinery (manufacture)
28940Singeing machinery for textiles (manufacture)
28940Sizing machinery for textiles (manufacture)
28940Slitting machinery for textiles (manufacture)
28940Sliver can (textile machinery accessory) (manufacture)
28940Spindles (textile machinery accessories) (manufacture)
28940Spindles and spindle flyers (manufacture)
28940Spinning machinery for textiles (manufacture)
28940Spinning machines (manufacture)
28940Spool (textile machinery accessory) (manufacture)
28940Spooling machinery for carpet making (manufacture)
28940Spotting table (manufacture)
28940Steaming machinery for textiles (manufacture)
28940Stentering machinery for textiles (manufacture)
28940Teasel rod (textile machinery accessory) (manufacture)
28940Textile dressing or impregnating machinery (manufacture)
28940Textile fabric making machinery (manufacture)
28940Textile fibre preparation machinery (manufacture)
28940Textile machinery (manufacture)
28940Textile printing machinery (manufacture)
28940Textile unreeling, folding, or pinking machinery (manufacture)
28940Textile yarn preparation machinery (manufacture)
28940Texturing and softening machinery for textiles (manufacture)
28940Thread guide (textile machinery accessory) (manufacture)
28940Tufting machinery for carpet making (manufacture)
28940Twisting machinery for textiles (manufacture)
28940Warpers for preparing textile yarns (manufacture)
28940Warping machinery (manufacture)
28940Washing machines (laundry) (manufacture)
28940Washing machines (textile) (non-domestic) (manufacture)
28940Weaving machinery (looms) (manufacture)
28940Weaving machines (manufacture)
28940Winding machine for textiles (manufacture)
28940Wool carbonisers (manufacture)
28940Wool scourers (manufacture)