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Groups: 1 Activities: 95


28930Manufacture of machinery for food, beverage and tobacco processing


28930Animal fat or oils extraction and preparation machinery (manufacture)
28930Aspirator separators (manufacture)
28930Bakery machinery and ovens (manufacture)
28930Bakery moulders (manufacture)
28930Bakery ovens (industrial) (manufacture)
28930Beverage processing machinery (manufacture)
28930Biscuit making machinery and ovens (manufacture)
28930Blenders for the food industry (manufacture)
28930Blenders for the grain milling industry (manufacture)
28930Bran cleaners (manufacture)
28930Bran cleaners for the grain milling industry (manufacture)
28930Breading rolls or mills (manufacture)
28930Brewing machinery and plant (manufacture)
28930Butter churns (manufacture)
28930Butter workers (manufacture)
28930Cake depositing machines (manufacture)
28930Catering equipment (electric) (manufacture)
28930Cheese making machines (manufacture)
28930Cheese moulding machinery (manufacture)
28930Cheese press (manufacture)
28930Cheese pressing machinery (manufacture)
28930Chocolate and cocoa making machinery (manufacture)
28930Cider making machinery (manufacture)
28930Cigar making machinery (manufacture)
28930Cigarette making machinery (manufacture)
28930Cleaning, sorting or grading machines for seeds, grain or dried leguminous vegetables (manufacture)
28930Coffee processing machinery (manufacture)
28930Confectionery machines and processing equipment (manufacture)
28930Cooking appliance for commercial catering (non-electric) (manufacture)
28930Cooking equipment for commercial catering (electric) (manufacture)
28930Cream separator for industrial use (manufacture)
28930Crusher (food or drink machinery) (manufacture)
28930Cyclone separators (manufacture)
28930Dairy industry machinery (manufacture)
28930Dairy machinery and plant (not agricultural) (manufacture)
28930Dairy moulding machinery (manufacture)
28930Dough dividers (manufacture)
28930Dough making machinery (manufacture)
28930Drink processing including combined processing and packaging or bottling machinery (manufacture)
28930Dryers for agriculture (manufacture)
28930Edible oil and fat processing machinery (manufacture)
28930Feeders (manufacture)
28930Filtering and purifying machinery for the industrial preparation of food or drink (manufacture)
28930Fish processing machines and equipment (manufacture)
28930Flour and meal manufacturing machinery (manufacture)
28930Flour confectionery machinery (manufacture)
28930Food and drink press (manufacture)
28930Food preparation machinery for hotels and restaurants (manufacture)
28930Food processing equipment (industrial) (manufacture)
28930Food processing machinery incl. combined processing, packaging or bottling machinery (manufacture)
28930Fruit juice preparation machinery (manufacture)
28930Fruit processing machines and equipment (manufacture)
28930Grain brushing machines (manufacture)
28930Grain milling industry machinery (manufacture)
28930Grain processing machinery and plant (manufacture)
28930Grinding mills (manufacture)
28930Homogenisers (manufacture)
28930Irradiators (manufacture)
28930Macaroni, spaghetti or similar products machinery (manufacture)
28930Meat processing machinery (manufacture)
28930Milk converting machinery (manufacture)
28930Milk pasteurisation plant (manufacture)
28930Milk processing machinery (manufacture)
28930Milling machine (food processing) (manufacture)
28930Moulders for bakery (manufacture)
28930Moulding machines for dairies (manufacture)
28930Mustard processing machine (manufacture)
28930Nut processing machines and equipment (manufacture)
28930Oven (food processing) machine (manufacture)
28930Pastry roller food preparation machinery (manufacture)
28930Pea splitters (manufacture)
28930Poultry processing machines and equipment (manufacture)
28930Press for food and drink (manufacture)
28930Press used to make wine, cider, fruit juices, etc. (manufacture)
28930Rice hullers (manufacture)
28930Sea-food processing machines and equipment (manufacture)
28930Separators for the grain milling industry (manufacture)
28930Shell fish processing machines and equipment (manufacture)
28930Sieving belts (manufacture)
28930Sifters (manufacture)
28930Slaughterhouse machinery (manufacture)
28930Slicers for bakeries (manufacture)
28930Soft drinks machinery (manufacture)
28930Sterilisation equipment for food and drink (manufacture)
28930Sugar confectionery making machinery (manufacture)
28930Sugar making and refining machinery (manufacture)
28930Tea processing machinery and plant (manufacture)
28930Tobacco processing machinery (manufacture)
28930Vegetable fats or oils extraction or preparation machinery (manufacture)
28930Vegetable processing machines and equipment (manufacture)
28930Vinegar processing machinery (manufacture)
28930Wine making machinery (manufacture)
28930Wine, cider, fruit juice, etc. Press (manufacture)
28930Winnowers for milling (manufacture)