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Groups: 1 Activities: 64


28410Manufacture of metal forming machinery


28410Bending machines (metal forming) (manufacture)
28410Boring machine (metal cutting) (manufacture)
28410Broach for metal working machine tools (manufacture)
28410Broaching machine (metal cutting) (manufacture)
28410Chemical process machine tool (metal working) (manufacture)
28410Computer numerically controlled (CNC) metal cutting machines (manufacture)
28410Cutting machine for metal (manufacture)
28410Die stamping machines (metal forming) (manufacture)
28410Draw bench (metal forming) (manufacture)
28410Drawing machine (metal forming) (manufacture)
28410Drilling machine (metal cutting) (manufacture)
28410Drop hammers (manufacture)
28410Electric discharge metal working tool (manufacture)
28410Electrochemical metal working machine tools (manufacture)
28410Electro-magnetic-pulse (magnetic-forming) metal forming machines (manufacture)
28410End mill (manufacture)
28410Filament wire spiralling machines (manufacture)
28410Forging machine (metal forming) (metal working) (manufacture)
28410Forming machine (high energy rate) (manufacture)
28410Gear making or finishing machines (metal cutting) (manufacture)
28410Grinding machines (metal cutting) (manufacture)
28410Honing machine (metal cutting) (manufacture)
28410Hydraulic brakes (manufacture)
28410Lapping machine (metal cutting) (manufacture)
28410Laser cutting or welding machine tools (metal working) (manufacture)
28410Lathe (metal cutting) (manufacture)
28410Lathe chuck (manufacture)
28410Machine tools (ultrasonic) (metal working) (manufacture)
28410Machine tools, for working metal, plasma arc (manufacture)
28410Machine tools, for working metals (manufacture)
28410Machine tools, for working metals, ultrasonic waves (manufacture)
28410Machine tools, for working metals, using a laser beam (manufacture)
28410Machine tools, for working metals, using a magnetic pulse (manufacture)
28410Machining centre (metal working) (manufacture)
28410Metal cutting machine (numerically controlled) (manufacture)
28410Metal cutting machine tool (manufacture)
28410Metal forming machine (numerically controlled) (manufacture)
28410Metal working machine tool (physical process) (manufacture)
28410Metal working machine tool parts (manufacture)
28410Milling machine (metal cutting) (manufacture)
28410Planing machine (metal cutting) (manufacture)
28410Press (hydraulic) (metal forming) (manufacture)
28410Press (mechanical) (metal forming) (manufacture)
28410Press (metal forming) (manufacture)
28410Press (pneumatic) (metal forming) (manufacture)
28410Punch presses (manufacture)
28410Punching machine (metal forming) (manufacture)
28410Sawing machine (metal cutting) (manufacture)
28410Screwing machines (metal cutting) (manufacture)
28410Shaping machine (metal cutting) (manufacture)
28410Shearing machine (metal forming) (manufacture)
28410Sheet metal forming machine (manufacture)
28410Slotting machine (metal working) (manufacture)
28410Spark erosion machines (metal working) (manufacture)
28410Spinning lathes (metal working) (manufacture)
28410Stamping or pressing machine tools (manufacture)
28410Surface tempering machines (manufacture)
28410Swaging machine (metal forming) (manufacture)
28410Thread rollers or machines for working wires (manufacture)
28410Thread rolling machines (manufacture)
28410Threading machine (metal cutting) (manufacture)
28410Turning machine (metal cutting) (manufacture)
28410Unit construction and transfer machine (metal working) (manufacture)