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Groups: 1 Activities: 71


28302Manufacture of agricultural and forestry machinery (other than agricultural tractors)


28302Agricultural and forestry machinery parts (except tractor parts) (manufacture)
28302Agricultural broadcaster (manufacture)
28302Agricultural machinery (manufacture)
28302Agricultural machinery for soil preparation (manufacture)
28302Agricultural motor drawn trailer (manufacture)
28302Agricultural planting machinery (manufacture)
28302Agricultural self-loading semi-trailers (manufacture)
28302Agricultural self-loading trailers (manufacture)
28302Agricultural self-unloading semi-trailers (manufacture)
28302Agricultural self-unloading trailers (manufacture)
28302Bale handler for agriculture (manufacture)
28302Baler for hay and straw (manufacture)
28302Bee-keeping machinery (manufacture)
28302Broadcaster for agricultural use (manufacture)
28302Chemical seed dresser for agricultural use (manufacture)
28302Combine harvester (manufacture)
28302Conveyor for agricultural use (manufacture)
28302Cultivator (manufacture)
28302Cultivator tine (manufacture)
28302Digger (elevator and shaker) (manufacture)
28302Disc harrow (manufacture)
28302Drill for agricultural use (manufacture)
28302Egg cleaning, sorting and grading machines (manufacture)
28302Elevator for agricultural use (manufacture)
28302Farmyard manure spreader (manufacture)
28302Fertiliser distributor or broadcaster (manufacture)
28302Fertilizing plough machinery (manufacture)
28302Fodder preparing equipment (manufacture)
28302Forage harvester (manufacture)
28302Forest machinery (manufacture)
28302Fruit cleaning, sorting or grading machines (manufacture)
28302Grain auger (manufacture)
28302Grain cleaning, sorting and grading machines (manufacture)
28302Grain drier (manufacture)
28302Grinding mill for agricultural use (manufacture)
28302Harrow (manufacture)
28302Harvesters (manufacture)
28302Harvesting or threshing machinery harvesters, threshers, sorters (manufacture)
28302Hay making equipment (manufacture)
28302Hedgecutter for agricultural use (manufacture)
28302Lawn mower (manufacture)
28302Machines for cleaning, sorting or grading eggs, fruit (manufacture)
28302Manure spreader (manufacture)
28302Milking machine (manufacture)
28302Mowers for agricultural use (manufacture)
28302Mowers for lawns, parks and sports grounds (manufacture)
28302Parts of milking machines and dairy machinery, n.e.c. (manufacturing)
28302Pick-up baler (manufacture)
28302Planter for agricultural use (manufacture)
28302Plough (manufacture)
28302Plough disc (manufacture)
28302Potato harvester and sorter (manufacture)
28302Poultry keeping machinery (manufacture)
28302Roller for agricultural use (manufacture)
28302Root crop harvesting and sorting machinery (manufacture)
28302Seed cleaner or pre-cleaner for agricultural use (manufacture)
28302Seed cleaning, sorting or grading machines (manufacture)
28302Seeders (manufacture)
28302Servicing of agricultural machinery (manufacture)
28302Silage making machinery (manufacture)
28302Spraying machine for agricultural use (manufacture)
28302Sugar beet harvester (manufacture)
28302Threshing machine (manufacture)
28302Tool bar for agricultural use (manufacture)
28302Tractor hoe (manufacture)
28302Tractor plough (manufacture)
28302Trailers and semi-trailers for agricultural use (manufacture)
28302Transplanter for agricultural use (manufacture)
28302Vegetable harvesting and sorting machinery (manufacture)
28302Winnower for agricultural use (manufacture)