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Groups: 1 Activities: 106


28290Manufacture of other general-purpose machinery n.e.c.


28290Aeration plant for effluent treatment (manufacture)
28290Baling press (not agricultural) (manufacture)
28290Base exchange plant for water treatment (manufacture)
28290Bottle cleaning and or drying machinery (manufacture)
28290Bottling machinery (manufacture)
28290Calender for rubber or plastics working (manufacture)
28290Calendering machinery for textiles (manufacture)
28290Calendering or other rolling machine parts (for plastic or rubber) (manufacture)
28290Canning machinery (manufacture)
28290Capsuling machinery (manufacture)
28290Cartoning machinery (manufacture)
28290Case packing machinery (manufacture)
28290Centrifuge (except laboratory type) (manufacture)
28290Centrifuge parts (except laboratory type) (manufacture)
28290Chlorination plant for water treatment (manufacture)
28290Clarification plant for water treatment (manufacture)
28290Cleaning, filling, packing or wrapping machine parts (manufacture)
28290Closing machinery (manufacture)
28290Comminution plant for effluent treatment (manufacture)
28290Cooling towers and similar for direct cooling by means of re-circulated water (manufacture)
28290Crating and de-crating machinery (manufacture)
28290De-aeration plant for water treatment (manufacture)
28290Desalination plant for water treatment (manufacture)
28290Dialysis plant for water treatment (manufacture)
28290Dish washing machine parts (industrial type) (manufacture)
28290Dishwashing machine for commercial catering (manufacture)
28290Distilling machinery for potable spirits (manufacture)
28290Distilling or rectifying plant (manufacture)
28290Distilling or rectifying plant for beverage industries (manufacture)
28290Distilling or rectifying plant for chemical industries (manufacture)
28290Distilling or rectifying plant for petroleum refineries (manufacture)
28290Dosing plant for water treatment (manufacture)
28290Effluent treatment plant (manufacture)
28290Electrostatic precipitator (manufacture)
28290Equipment for dispersing liquids or powders (manufacture)
28290Equipment for projecting liquids or powders (manufacture)
28290Equipment for spraying liquids or powders (manufacture)
28290Filling machinery (manufacture)
28290Filtering or purifying machinery parts (manufacture)
28290Filtration equipment for hydraulic equipment (manufacture)
28290Filtration equipment for the chemical industry (manufacture)
28290Fire extinguisher (hand held) (manufacture)
28290Fire extinguishing apparatus (excluding hand operated chemical extinguishers) (manufacture)
28290Flexible shaft drive tool (manufacture)
28290Gas generators (manufacture)
28290Gas or water generator parts (manufacture)
28290Gasket (manufacture)
28290General-purpose machinery parts (manufacture)
28290Goods vending machines (manufacture)
28290Grit extraction plant for effluent treatment (manufacture)
28290Hot spraying electrical machines (metal or metal carbides) (manufacture)
28290Ion exchange plant for water treatment (manufacture)
28290Jigs (manufacture)
28290Jointing (precision component) (manufacture)
28290Labelling machinery (not for office use) (manufacture)
28290Levels (manufacture)
28290Lubricator (manufacture)
28290Machinery (not containing electrical connectors) n.e.c. parts (manufacture)
28290Machinery for cleaning or drying bottles and for aerating beverages (manufacture)
28290Machinists precision tools (manufacture)
28290Measuring rods and tapes (manufacture)
28290Measuring rule (manufacture)
28290Measuring tape (manufacture)
28290Metal spraying machine (manufacture)
28290Non-electrical welding and soldering equipment (manufacture)
28290Oil filter for motor vehicle (manufacture)
28290Oil refining industry machinery (other than plant) (manufacture)
28290Oil seal (manufacture)
28290Packaging machinery (manufacture)
28290Packing machinery (manufacture)
28290Paint spraying machine (manufacture)
28290Petro-chemical industry machinery (other than plant) (manufacture)
28290Purifying machinery (manufacture)
28290Rectifying plant (manufacture)
28290Refuse disposal plant (manufacture)
28290Rule (measuring) (manufacture)
28290Sand blasting machines (manufacture)
28290Scales (platform) (manufacture)
28290Scales for domestic use (manufacture)
28290Scales for postal use (manufacture)
28290Scales for shop use (manufacture)
28290Screening plant (not for mines) (manufacture)
28290Screening plant for effluent treatment (manufacture)
28290Sealing machinery (manufacture)
28290Sedimentation plant for effluent treatment (manufacture)
28290Settlement plant for water treatment (manufacture)
28290Sewage treatment plant (manufacture)
28290Soldering machines (gas) (manufacture)
28290Solvent extraction equipment for the chemical industry (manufacture)
28290Solvent recovery equipment for the chemical industry (manufacture)
28290Spray guns (manufacture)
28290Spraying machinery parts (manufacture)
28290Spring balance (manufacture)
28290Sprinklers for fire extinguishing (manufacture)
28290Steam cleaning machines (manufacture)
28290Tape measure (manufacture)
28290Vending machine (manufacture)
28290Water softening plant (manufacture)
28290Water treatment plant (manufacture)
28290Weighbridge (manufacture)
28290Weighing machine (manufacture)
28290Weights for weighing machine (manufacture)
28290Welding machines (gas) (manufacture)
28290Welding torch (manufacture)
28290Wrapping machinery (manufacture)