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Groups: 1 Activities: 70


28230Manufacture of office machinery and equipment (except computers and peripheral equipment)


28230Accounting machine (manufacture)
28230Adding machines (manufacture)
28230Address plate embossing machine (manufacture)
28230Addressing machine (manufacture)
28230Bank note counting machine (manufacture)
28230Banknote dispensing machine (manufacture)
28230Binding machine (manufacture)
28230Blackboards (manufacture)
28230Book keeping machine (manufacture)
28230Calculating machine (manufacture)
28230Calculator (electronic) (manufacture)
28230Cash and credit card imprinting and embossing machine (manufacture)
28230Cash dispenser (manufacture)
28230Cash register (manufacture)
28230Cheque writing and signing machine (manufacture)
28230Coin sorting, wrapping and counting machines (manufacture)
28230Collating machinery (manufacture)
28230Copying machine (xerographic) (manufacture)
28230Counting and dating machines (manufacture)
28230Data processing equipment (non-electronic) (manufacture)
28230Dictating machines (manufacture)
28230Document copying equipment (manufacture)
28230Document handling machine (manufacture)
28230Document shredder (manufacture)
28230Duplicating machines (excluding copiers) (manufacture)
28230Dyeline copying machine (manufacture)
28230Electrostatic copying machine (manufacture)
28230Envelope stuffing machine (manufacture)
28230Franking machine (manufacture)
28230Hectograph (manufacture)
28230Hole punches (manufacture)
28230Invoicing machine (manufacture)
28230Labelling machine for office use (manufacture)
28230Laminating machine for office use (manufacture)
28230Letter opening machine (manufacture)
28230Listing machine (manufacture)
28230Mail handling machines (envelope stuffing, sealing, addressing; opening, sorting) (manufacture)
28230Marker boards (manufacture)
28230Non electronic calculators (manufacture)
28230Office machinery (manufacture)
28230Office machinery and equipment (manufacture)
28230Pencil sharpeners (manufacture)
28230Pencil-sharpening machines (manufacture)
28230Photocopying machinery (manufacture)
28230Plastic office-type binding equipment or tape binding (manufacture)
28230Point of sale unit (manufacture)
28230Postage franking machines (manufacture)
28230Postage meters (manufacture)
28230Printing machines (sheet fed office type offset) (manufacture)
28230Punched card machine (other than for computer use) (manufacture)
28230Shorthand writing machines (manufacture)
28230Staple removers (manufacture)
28230Staplers (manufacture)
28230Stapling machines for office use (manufacture)
28230Stencil duplicating machines (manufacture)
28230Stenography machines (manufacture)
28230Tabulating machines (manufacture)
28230Tape dispensers (manufacture)
28230Tape office-type binding equipment (manufacture)
28230Terminals for issuing of tickets and reservations (manufacture)
28230Ticket issuing machine (manufacture)
28230Ticket punch (manufacture)
28230Toner cartridges (manufacture)
28230Typewriter (manufacture)
28230Visible record computer (tabulator) (manufacture)
28230Voting machines (manufacture)
28230White boards (manufacture)
28230Word processing machines (manufacture)
28230Xerographic copying machines (manufacture)