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Groups: 1 Activities: 65


28110Manufacture of engines and turbines, except aircraft, vehicle and cycle engines


28110Blocks for industrial engines (manufacture)
28110Boiler-turbine sets (manufacture)
28110Camshaft for motor vehicle engine (manufacture)
28110Carburettor and parts for motor vehicle (manufacture)
28110Carburettors and such for all internal combustion engines (manufacture)
28110Carburettors for industrial engines (manufacture)
28110Compression ignition engines for industrial use (manufacture)
28110Compressor engine (manufacture)
28110Crankshaft for motor vehicle (manufacture)
28110Cylinder heads for industrial engines (manufacture)
28110Cylinder inserts for industrial engines (manufacture)
28110Cylinder liner for motor vehicle (manufacture)
28110Cylinder liners for industrial engines (manufacture)
28110Diesel engines for industrial use (manufacture)
28110Engine block for motor vehicle (finished) (manufacture)
28110Engines and parts for marine use (manufacture)
28110Engines and parts for railways (manufacture)
28110Engines for agricultural machinery (manufacture)
28110Engines for combine harvesters (manufacture)
28110Engines for construction equipment (manufacture)
28110Engines for forklift trucks (manufacture)
28110Engines for industrial application (manufacture)
28110Engines for lawn mowers (manufacture)
28110Engines for locomotives (manufacture)
28110Engines for marine use (manufacture)
28110Engines for railway vehicles (manufacture)
28110Exhaust valves for internal combustion engines (manufacture)
28110Gas turbine (excluding turbo-jets and turbo-propellers) parts (manufacture)
28110Gas turbine (industrial engine) (manufacture)
28110Gas turbine for marine use (manufacture)
28110Generator engine (manufacture)
28110Hydraulic turbine (manufacture)
28110Hydraulic turbine and water wheel parts (manufacture)
28110Hydraulic turbines and parts thereof: (manufacture)
28110Industrial engine parts (manufacture)
28110Industrial spark and compression ignition engine (manufacture)
28110Inlet valves for internal combustion engines (manufacture)
28110Internal combustion engines and parts (manufacture)
28110Internal combustion piston engines (manufacture)
28110Internal combustion piston marine engines (manufacture)
28110Internal combustion piston railway engines (manufacture)
28110Manifold for industrial engine (manufacture)
28110Marine non-propulsion engines (manufacture)
28110Petrol industrial engines (manufacture)
28110Piston for industrial engine (manufacture)
28110Piston for motor vehicle engine (manufacture)
28110Piston ring for industrial engine (manufacture)
28110Piston ring for motor vehicle engine (manufacture)
28110Piston rings for all internal combustion engines (manufacture)
28110Pistons for all internal combustion engines (manufacture)
28110Propulsion engine for marine use (manufacture)
28110Slow speed diesel engine for marine use (manufacture)
28110Spark ignition engines for industrial use (manufacture)
28110Steam and other vapour turbine parts (manufacture)
28110Steam engine (manufacture)
28110Steam turbine (not marine or for electricity generation) (manufacture)
28110Steam turbine for marine use (manufacture)
28110Steam turbines and other vapour turbines (manufacture)
28110Turbine-generator sets (manufacture)
28110Turbines and parts thereof (manufacture)
28110Valves for motor vehicle engines (manufacture)
28110Water-wheels (manufacture)
28110Waterwheels and regulators and parts thereof: (manufacture)
28110Wind turbines (manufacture)