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Groups: 1 Activities: 53


27900Manufacture of other electrical equipment


27900Appliance cords with insulated wire and connectors (manufacture)
27900Backward wave oscillator (manufacture)
27900Bell apparatus (other than telegraphic or telephonic) (manufacture)
27900Bells (other than telephone type) (electric) (manufacture)
27900Carbon brush (manufacture)
27900Carbon or graphite electrodes (manufacture)
27900Contacts and other electrical carbon and graphite products (manufacture)
27900Cyclotron (manufacture)
27900Detection apparatus (manufacture)
27900Electric bells (manufacture)
27900Electrical base metal conduit and fittings (manufacture)
27900Electrical capacitors (manufacture)
27900Electrical carbon (manufacture)
27900Electrical condensers and similar components (manufacture)
27900Electrical conduit tubing, base metal (manufacture)
27900Electrical door opening and closing devices (manufacture)
27900Electrical insulators (except glass or porcelain) (manufacture)
27900Electrical pedestrian signalling equipment (manufacture)
27900Electrical signs (manufacture)
27900Electrical soldering equipment (manufacture)
27900Electrical traffic lights (manufacture)
27900Electrical welding equipment (manufacture)
27900Electrodes for welding (manufacture)
27900Electromagnets (manufacture)
27900Electronic filter (manufacture)
27900Electronic miscellaneous unspecified equipment (manufacture)
27900Electronic scoreboards (manufacture)
27900Extension cords made from purchased insulated wire (manufacture)
27900Extension cords with insulated wire and connectors (manufacture)
27900Indicator panel (manufacture)
27900Particle accelerator (manufacture)
27900Railway signalling equipment (electric) (manufacture)
27900Rectifier, solid state (manufacture)
27900Rectifying valve and tube (manufacture)
27900Resistors including rheostats and potentiometers (manufacture)
27900Signal generator (manufacture)
27900Signalling equipment for road traffic (electric) (manufacture)
27900Simulator (battle) (manufacture)
27900Simulator (driving) (manufacture)
27900Simulator (other training (except flying trainers)) (manufacture)
27900Soldering irons (electrical, hand-held) (manufacture)
27900Soldering machines (electric) (manufacture)
27900Solid state battery chargers (manufacture)
27900Solid state fuel cells (manufacture)
27900Solid state inverters (manufacture)
27900Surge suppressors (manufacture)
27900Thyristor (manufacture)
27900Ultrasonic cleaning machines (except laboratory and dental) (manufacture)
27900Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) (manufacture)
27900Wave form generator (manufacture)
27900Welding electrode (manufacture)
27900Welding machines (electric) (manufacture)