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Groups: 1 Activities: 55


27400Manufacture of electric lighting equipment


27400Advertising light (manufacture)
27400Arc lamp (manufacture)
27400Bug zappers without light (manufacture)
27400Bulb for flash lamp (manufacture)
27400Candelabra made of base metal (manufacture)
27400Candlestick (manufacture)
27400Carbide lanterns (manufacture)
27400Case for flash lamp (manufacture)
27400Ceiling rose (manufacture)
27400Chandeliers (manufacture)
27400Christmas tree lights (manufacture)
27400Discharge lamp (manufacture)
27400Electric fireplace logs (manufacture)
27400Electric insect lamps (manufacture)
27400Electric lanterns (manufacture)
27400Electric lighting equipment (manufacture)
27400Flash lamp case (manufacture)
27400Flashcubes (manufacture)
27400Flashlights (manufacture)
27400Fluorescent tube (manufacture)
27400Gas discharge lamp (manufacture)
27400Gas lanterns (manufacture)
27400Gasoline lanterns (manufacture)
27400Illuminated signs and nameplates (manufacture)
27400Illuminated traffic signs (manufacture)
27400Infrared lamps (manufacture)
27400Kerosene lanterns (manufacture)
27400Lamps (manufacture)
27400Lamps for cycles (manufacture)
27400Lampshades (not of glass or plastics) (manufacture)
27400Light bulb (manufacture)
27400Light bulbs including fluorescent and neon tubes (manufacture)
27400Lighting equipment (manufacture)
27400Lighting equipment for aircraft (manufacture)
27400Lighting equipment for boats (manufacture)
27400Lighting equipment for motor vehicles (manufacture)
27400Lighting fitting (other than glassware) (manufacture)
27400Lighting fixture of table lamps (manufacture)
27400Mercury vapour lamp (manufacture)
27400Miners' lamp (manufacture)
27400Neon tube (manufacture)
27400Non-electrical lighting equipment (manufacture)
27400Outdoor and road lighting (manufacture)
27400Photoflash bulb (manufacture)
27400Portable lamp (electric) (manufacture)
27400Projector lamp (manufacture)
27400Search light (manufacture)
27400Sodium vapour lamp (manufacture)
27400Spotlight (manufacture)
27400Stage lighting (manufacture)
27400Street lighting fixtures (manufacture)
27400Torch (manufacture)
27400Ultra-violet lamps (manufacture)
27400Vehicle lamps (bulb and sealed beam unit) (manufacture)