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Groups: 1 Activities: 79


26110Manufacture of electronic components


26110Amplifying valve (manufacture)
26110Bare printed circuit boards (manufacture)
26110Capacitor for electronic apparatus (manufacture)
26110Cathode ray tube (manufacture)
26110Chemical elements in disk form for use in electronics (manufacture)
26110Choke and coil (electronic) (manufacture)
26110Circuit protection device (electronic) (manufacture)
26110Cold cathode valve or tube (manufacture)
26110Colour television tubes (manufacture)
26110Diode (manufacture)
26110Display components (plasma, polymer, LCD) (manufacture)
26110Electron tubes (manufacture)
26110Electronic active components (manufacture)
26110Electronic condensers (manufacture)
26110Electronic connectors (manufacture)
26110Electronic crystals and crystal assemblies (manufacture)
26110Electronic integrated circuits (manufacture)
26110Electronic micro-assemblies of moulded module, micromodule or similar types (manufacture)
26110Electronic passive components (manufacture)
26110Electronic tube (manufacture)
26110Electronic valve (manufacture)
26110Ferrite parts for electronic apparatus (manufacture)
26110Finished or semi-finished dice, semiconductor (manufacture)
26110Finished or semi-finished wafers, semiconductor (manufacture)
26110Hybrid integrated circuits (electronic) (manufacture)
26110Image converters and intensifiers (manufacture)
26110Inductor (electronic) (manufacture)
26110Industrial transformer (electronic) (manufacture)
26110Insulated monolithic, hybrid and passive circuit (manufacture)
26110Integrated circuits (analogue or digital) (manufacture)
26110Isolating and make or break switches (electronic) (manufacture)
26110Klystron (manufacture)
26110Light emitting diodes (LED) (manufacture)
26110Magnetron (manufacture)
26110Microchip (manufacture)
26110Microcircuit (manufacture)
26110Microprocessors (manufacture)
26110Microwave components (manufacture)
26110Microwave tube (manufacture)
26110Monitor cables (manufacture)
26110Monolithic integrated circuits (manufacture)
26110Mounted piezo-electric crystals (manufacture)
26110Photo diode (manufacture)
26110Photo electric cell (manufacture)
26110Photo semi-conductor device (manufacture)
26110Photo-cathode valves or tubes (manufacture)
26110Photosensitive semi-conductor devices (manufacture)
26110Piezo electric crystal (manufacture)
26110Plug (electronic) (manufacture)
26110Printed circuit (manufacture)
26110Printer and monitor connectors (manufacture)
26110Printer cables (manufacture)
26110Quartz crystal (manufacture)
26110Receiver or amplifier valves or tubes (manufacture)
26110Record cutters (manufacture)
26110Rectifier plant (electronic) (manufacture)
26110Relays for electronic and telecommunications use (manufacture)
26110Resistor (electronic) (manufacture)
26110Semi-conductor (not power) (manufacture)
26110Semi-conductor control equipment (converters) (manufacture)
26110Semi-finished dice or wafers, semiconductor (manufacture)
26110Solar panels (photovoltaic cell type) (manufacture)
26110Solenoids for electronic apparatus (manufacture)
26110Solid state circuit (manufacture)
26110Stabilising valve (manufacture)
26110Switches and transducers for electronic applications (manufacture)
26110Television camera tubes (manufacture)
26110Television picture tube (manufacture)
26110Television scan coil (manufacture)
26110Terminals for electronic apparatus (manufacture)
26110Thermionic valves or tubes (manufacture)
26110Thyratron (manufacture)
26110Transformer for electronic apparatus (manufacture)
26110Transistors (manufacture)
26110Travelling wave tube (manufacture)
26110Tube (electronic) (manufacture)
26110USB cables (manufacture)
26110Valves (electronic) (manufacture)