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Groups: 1 Activities: 32


25710Manufacture of cutlery


25710Bayonet (manufacture)
25710Butter knife (manufacture)
25710Choppers (manufacture)
25710Cleavers (manufacture)
25710Cutlasses (manufacture)
25710Cutlery (electro plated nickel silver) (manufacture)
25710Cutlery (manufacture)
25710Cutlery for domestic use (manufacture)
25710Electro plated nickel silver cutlery (manufacture)
25710Fish eater (manufacture)
25710Fork (cutlery) (manufacture)
25710Hair clippers (manufacture)
25710Kitchen knife (manufacture)
25710Knife (cutlery) (manufacture)
25710Knife with folding blade (manufacture)
25710Ladle (manufacture)
25710Manicure and pedicure sets (manufacture)
25710Nail file (manufacture)
25710Pinking shears (manufacture)
25710Pocket knife (manufacture)
25710Pruning knife (manufacture)
25710Razor (not electric) (manufacture)
25710Razor blade (manufacture)
25710Razor blade blanks in strips (manufacture)
25710Razor set (manufacture)
25710Safety razors (manufacture)
25710Scissors (manufacture)
25710Sheath knife (manufacture)
25710Spoons made of metal (manufacture)
25710Sword (manufacture)
25710Tailors' shears (manufacture)