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Groups: 1 Activities: 143


24100Manufacture of basic iron and steel and of ferro-alloys


24100Alloy bearing steel (manufacture)
24100Alloy pig iron (manufacture)
24100Alloy tool steel (manufacture)
24100Angles of stainless steel (manufacture)
24100Bars of stainless steel (manufacture)
24100Billets made of semi-finished steel (manufacture)
24100Blackplate (manufacture)
24100Blooms made of semi-finished steel (manufacture)
24100Boron steel (manufacture)
24100Bulb flats made of steel (manufacture)
24100Cold reduced steel slit strip >= 600mm (manufacture)
24100Cold reduced wide steel strip >= 600mm (cold reduced coil) (manufacture)
24100Cold rolled narrow steel strip >= 600mm (manufacture)
24100Cold rolled steel plate (manufacture)
24100Cold rolled steel sheet (manufacture)
24100Cold rolled steel slit strip >= 600mm (manufacture)
24100Cold rolled wide steel strip >= 600mm (cold rolled wide coil) (manufacture)
24100Continuous cast products made of steel (manufacture)
24100Corrugated sheets made of steel (manufacture)
24100Directly reduced iron (manufacture)
24100Electrical sheet steel (not finally annealed) (manufacture)
24100Electrical steel (manufacture)
24100Electro zinc coated sheet steel (manufacture)
24100Electrolytic chromium/chromium oxide coated steel (manufacture)
24100Electrolytically metal coated sheet steel (manufacture)
24100Engineering steel (manufacture)
24100Ferro alloys (high carbon ferro manganese) (manufacture)
24100Ferro aluminium (manufacture)
24100Ferro chromium (manufacture)
24100Ferro molybdenum (manufacture)
24100Ferro nickel (manufacture)
24100Ferro niobium (manufacture)
24100Ferro phosphorus (manufacture)
24100Ferro titanium (manufacture)
24100Ferro tungsten (manufacture)
24100Ferro vanadium (manufacture)
24100Ferro zirconium (manufacture)
24100Ferro-alloys (except high carbon ferro-manganese production) (manufacture)
24100Ferrosilicon (manufacture)
24100Ferrosilicon chromium (manufacture)
24100Ferrosilicon manganese (manufacture)
24100Ferrosilicon titanium (manufacture)
24100Ferrosilicon tungsten (manufacture)
24100Ferrous products production by reduction of iron ore (manufacture)
24100Fish plates (hot rolled) (manufacture)
24100Fish plates and sole plates (non-rolled) (manufacture)
24100Flat rolled steel products in coils or straight lengths >= 600mm (manufacture)
24100Forged bars (manufacture)
24100Forged rail accessories (manufacture)
24100Forged sections (manufacture)
24100Forged semi-finished products (manufacture)
24100Foundry pig iron (manufacture)
24100Galvanised sheet steel (manufacture)
24100Grain oriented electrical sheet steel (manufacture)
24100High carbon ferro-manganese (carbon over 2%) (manufacture)
24100High speed tool steel (manufacture)
24100Hollow drill bars made of steel (manufacture)
24100Hot dip metal coated sheet steel (manufacture)
24100Hot dip zinc coated sheet steel (manufacture)
24100Hot rolled steel angles (l-sections) (manufacture)
24100Hot rolled steel base plates (manufacture)
24100Hot rolled steel beams (manufacture)
24100Hot rolled steel bearing piling (manufacture)
24100Hot rolled steel channels (manufacture)
24100Hot rolled steel columns (manufacture)
24100Hot rolled steel cut lengths (manufacture)
24100Hot rolled steel fish plates (manufacture)
24100Hot rolled steel flat bars (manufacture)
24100Hot rolled steel heavy sections (manufacture)
24100Hot rolled steel hexagonal bars (manufacture)
24100Hot rolled steel h-sections (manufacture)
24100Hot rolled steel i-sections (manufacture)
24100Hot rolled steel joists (manufacture)
24100Hot rolled steel light sections (manufacture)
24100Hot rolled steel narrow strip (manufacture)
24100Hot rolled steel plate (manufacture)
24100Hot rolled steel quarto plate (manufacture)
24100Hot rolled steel railway materials (manufacture)
24100Hot rolled steel reversing mill plate (manufacture)
24100Hot rolled steel round bars (manufacture)
24100Hot rolled steel sections for mining frames (manufacture)
24100Hot rolled steel sheet (manufacture)
24100Hot rolled steel sheet piling (manufacture)
24100Hot rolled steel sole plates (manufacture)
24100Hot rolled steel special bars (manufacture)
24100Hot rolled steel special sections (manufacture)
24100Hot rolled steel square bars (manufacture)
24100Hot rolled steel t-sections (manufacture)
24100Hot rolled steel u-sections (manufacture)
24100Hot rolled steel wide strip (hot rolled wide coil) (manufacture)
24100Ingots of stainless steel (manufacture)
24100Ingots of steel (manufacture)
24100Iron (manufacture)
24100Iron of exceptional purity production by electrolysis or other chemical processes (manufacture)
24100Iron powder production (manufacture)
24100Iron shot (manufacture)
24100Lead coated steel sheet (manufacture)
24100Liquid steel (manufacture)
24100Low carbon ferro manganese (carbon 2% or less) (manufacture)
24100Manufacture of hot-rolled rods of steel
24100Metal sand for sandblasting (manufacture)
24100Narrow slabs of semi-finished steel (manufacture)
24100Nodular pig iron (manufacture)
24100Non-alloy pig iron (manufacture)
24100Non-alloy steel (manufacture)
24100Non-oriented electrical steel sheet (manufacture)
24100Organic coated steel sheet (manufacture)
24100Other alloy steel (manufacture)
24100Painted steel sheet (manufacture)
24100Permanent way material (except rails production) (manufacture)
24100Pieces roughly shaped by forging (manufacture)
24100Plastic coated steel sheet (manufacture)
24100Primary products of stainless steel (manufacture)
24100Production of granular iron
24100Rails of iron, steel or cast iron (manufacture)
24100Remelting ferrous waste or scrap
24100Remelting scrap ingots of iron
24100Rods made of steel (in coils) (manufacture)
24100Rods of stainless steel (manufacture)
24100Rounds of semi-finished steel for seamless tube production (manufacture)
24100Sections of stainless steel (manufacture)
24100Semi-finished products of stainless steel (manufacture)
24100Shapes of stainless steel (manufacture)
24100Sheet piling production (manufacture)
24100Silico manganese steel (manufacture)
24100Sleepers (cross ties) made of iron or steel (hot rolled) (manufacture)
24100Sole plates (hot rolled) (manufacture)
24100Spheroidal graphite pig iron (manufacture)
24100Spiegeleisen (manufacture)
24100Sponge iron (manufacture)
24100Stainless steel (manufacture)
24100Steel in primary form, from ore or scrap, production (manufacture)
24100Steel making pig iron (manufacture)
24100Steel powders (manufacture)
24100Steel sheet (not finally annealed) (manufacture)
24100Steel shot (manufacture)
24100Structural steel (manufacture)
24100Terneplate (manufacture)
24100Tinplate (manufacture)
24100Welded sections of iron and steel (manufacture)
24100Wide slabs made of semi-finished steel (manufacture)
24100Wire rods made of steel (manufacture)