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Groups: 1 Activities: 73


23990Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products n.e.c.


23990Artificial corundum (manufacture)
23990Asbestos carding (manufacture)
23990Asbestos felting (manufacture)
23990Asbestos mixing (manufacture)
23990Asbestos moulding (manufacture)
23990Asbestos spinning (manufacture)
23990Asbestos weaving (manufacture)
23990Asphalt (manufacture)
23990Asphalt or similar materials (e.g. Asphalt-based adhesives), articles thereof (manufacture)
23990Bitumen and flax felts for roofing and damp-proof courses (manufacture)
23990Bituminous sealants (manufacture)
23990Boards made of asbestos (manufacture)
23990Boiler packing made of asbestos (manufacture)
23990Brake linings made of asbestos (manufacture)
23990Carbon products (except carbon paper and electrical carbon) (manufacture)
23990Carded asbestos fibre (manufacture)
23990Clothing made of asbestos (manufacture)
23990Clutch linings made of asbestos (manufacture)
23990Coal tar pitch, articles thereof (manufacture)
23990Composition asbestos (manufacture)
23990Cord made of asbestos (manufacture)
23990Engine packing made of asbestos (manufacture)
23990Exfoliated vermiculite (manufacture)
23990Expanded clay (manufacture)
23990Expanded vermiculite (manufacture)
23990Fabric made of asbestos (manufacture)
23990Felt made of asbestos (manufacture)
23990Foamed slag (manufacture)
23990Footwear made of asbestos (manufacture)
23990Friction material and unmounted articles thereof, with a mineral or cellulose base (manufacture)
23990Friction material made of non-metallic mineral (manufacture)
23990Gaskets made of asbestos (manufacture)
23990Graphite (manufacture)
23990Graphite products (other than block and crucible) (manufacture)
23990Headgear made of asbestos (manufacture)
23990Heat insulating materials (other than asbestos) (manufacture)
23990Insulation made of asbestos (manufacture)
23990Joints made of asbestos (manufacture)
23990Lagging rope made of asbestos (manufacture)
23990Mica goods (manufacture)
23990Mica slab and sheet processing (manufacture)
23990Millboard made of asbestos (manufacture)
23990Mineral insulating materials (manufacture)
23990Mineral insulation products (manufacture)
23990Mineral wool (manufacture)
23990Moss litter (manufacture)
23990Non-metallic mineral substances, articles thereof (manufacture)
23990Oil based sealants (manufacture)
23990Packing made of woven asbestos (manufacture)
23990Panels made of asbestos (manufacture)
23990Paper made of asbestos (manufacture)
23990Paste made of asbestos (manufacture)
23990Peat products (pots or for chemical use, etc.) (manufacture)
23990Pipe covering sections made of asbestos (manufacture)
23990Pipes and fittings made of pitch fibre (manufacture)
23990Processed asbestos fibre (manufacture)
23990Rings made of asbestos (manufacture)
23990Rockwool (manufacture)
23990Rope lagging made of asbestos (manufacture)
23990Sealants (bituminous) (manufacture)
23990Sealants (oil based) (manufacture)
23990Sheeting made of non-woven asbestos/rubber composite (manufacture)
23990Sheets and sheeting made of woven asbestos (manufacture)
23990Slag wool (manufacture)
23990Socks made of asbestos (manufacture)
23990Sound absorbing materials (manufacture)
23990Sound insulating materials (manufacture)
23990String made of asbestos (manufacture)
23990Tapes made of asbestos (manufacture)
23990Tiles made of woven asbestos (manufacture)
23990Worked peat, articles thereof (manufacture)
23990Yarn made of asbestos (manufacture)