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Search UK Standard Industrial Classification 2007 (UK SIC 2007). Empty search will display all groups. 5 digits will search on exact SIC code otherwise Name is searched. Click on a SIC code in the table to show only that group.

Groups: 1 Activities: 30


20510Manufacture of explosives


20510Ammonium nitrate for explosives (manufacture)
20510Amorce (manufacture)
20510Black powder (manufacture)
20510Blasting powder
20510Chlorate explosive (manufacture)
20510Cordite (manufacture)
20510Detonating fuse (manufacture)
20510Detonator (manufacture)
20510Dynamite (manufacture)
20510Explosive signalling flares (manufacture)
20510Explosives (manufacture)
20510Firework (manufacture)
20510Fog signal (manufacture)
20510Fuse for explosives (manufacture)
20510Gelignite (manufacture)
20510Guncotton (manufacture)
20510Gunpowder (manufacture)
20510Incendiary composition (manufacture)
20510Match (manufacture)
20510Nitro glycerine (manufacture)
20510Perchlorate explosive (manufacture)
20510Percussion cap (manufacture)
20510Propellant powder (manufacture)
20510Propergol fuels and other propellant powders (manufacture)
20510Pyrotechnics (manufacture)
20510Rain rocket (manufacture)
20510Safety fuse (manufacture)
20510Signal rocket (manufacture)
20510Trinitrotoluene (TNT) (manufacture)