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Groups: 1 Activities: 60


20301Manufacture of paints, varnishes and similar coatings, mastics and sealants


20301Acrylic paints (manufacture)
20301Alkyd (manufacture)
20301Aluminium paint (manufacture)
20301Aluminium paste (manufacture)
20301Anti-corrosive paint (manufacture)
20301Artists' colours (manufacture)
20301Bituminous paint (manufacture)
20301Caulking compounds and similar non-refractory filling or surfacing preparations (manufacture)
20301Cellulose paint (manufacture)
20301Cellulose varnish (manufacture)
20301Cement based paint (manufacture)
20301Ceramic colours (manufacture)
20301Ceramic glaze (manufacture)
20301Chlorinated rubber based paint (manufacture)
20301Distemper (manufacture)
20301Electrocoats paint (manufacture)
20301Emulsion paint (manufacture)
20301Enamel (manufacture)
20301Epoxy paint (manufacture)
20301Filling and sealing compounds for painters (manufacture)
20301French polish (manufacture)
20301Glass powder (manufacture)
20301Glazes and engobes and similar preparations (manufacture)
20301Lacquer (manufacture)
20301Lead paint (manufacture)
20301Liquid lustres (manufacture)
20301Marine paint (manufacture)
20301Mastics (manufacture)
20301Metal pre-treatment paint (manufacture)
20301Metallic paint (manufacture)
20301Nitrogen resin type paint (manufacture)
20301Oleo resinous paint (manufacture)
20301Opacifiers and colours (manufacture)
20301Organic composite solvents (manufacture)
20301Paint (not cement based) (manufacture)
20301Paint removers (manufacture)
20301Paint with cement base (manufacture)
20301Paste made of aluminium (manufacture)
20301Pigments (prepared) (manufacture)
20301Polyester paint (manufacture)
20301Polyurethane paint (manufacture)
20301Powder made of glass (manufacture)
20301Prepared dyes (manufacture)
20301Primer paint (manufacture)
20301Putty (manufacture)
20301Rubber based paint (chlorinated) (manufacture)
20301Sealants (other than bituminous or oil based) (manufacture)
20301Shellac varnish (manufacture)
20301Ship's bottom composition (manufacture)
20301Stain (manufacture)
20301Thinners for paint and varnish (manufacture)
20301Varnish (manufacture)
20301Varnish removers (manufacture)
20301Vinyl paint (manufacture)
20301Vitreous enamel frits (manufacture)
20301Vitrifiable enamels (manufacture)
20301White lead in paste form (manufacture)
20301Wood stain (manufacture)
20301Zinc paint (manufacture)