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Groups: 1 Activities: 28


20150Manufacture of fertilisers and nitrogen compounds


20150Ammonia (manufacture)
20150Ammonium chloride (manufacture)
20150Ammonium compounds (excluding ammonium nitrate, sulphate and phosphate) (manufacture)
20150Ammonium nitrate (not for explosives) (manufacture)
20150Ammonium phosphate (manufacture)
20150Ammonium sulphate (manufacture)
20150Artificial manure (manufacture)
20150Basic slag (ground) (manufacture)
20150Compound fertiliser (manufacture)
20150Crude natural phosphates (manufacture)
20150Fertiliser (manufacture)
20150Lawn sand (manufacture)
20150Lime (ammonium nitrate) (manufacture)
20150Nitrates and nitrites of potassium (manufacture)
20150Nitric and sulphonitric acid (manufacture)
20150Nitrogen products (manufacture)
20150Nitrogenous straight fertiliser (manufacture)
20150Nitrogenous, phosphatic or potassic fertilisers (manufacture)
20150Phosphates of ammonium carbonates (manufacture)
20150Phosphates of triammonium carbonates (manufacture)
20150Phosphatic straight fertiliser (manufacture)
20150Potassic straight fertiliser (manufacture)
20150Potassium salts (manufacture)
20150Potting soil mixtures of natural soil, sand, clays and minerals (manufacture)
20150Potting soil with peat as main constituent (manufacture)
20150Superphosphate (manufacture)
20150Urea for use as fertiliser (manufacture)