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Groups: 1 Activities: 95


20140Manufacture of other organic basic chemicals


20140Acetic acid (manufacture)
20140Acetone (manufacture)
20140Acid (organic) (manufacture)
20140Acrylonitrile (manufacture)
20140Activated and unactivated charcoal (other than wood charcoal) (manufacture)
20140Activated earths (manufacture)
20140Acyclic (fatty) alcohols (manufacture)
20140Acyclic hydrocarbons (saturated and unsaturated) (manufacture)
20140Aldehyde (manufacture)
20140Amines (manufacture)
20140Anthracene (manufacture)
20140Aromatic hydrocarbons (manufacture)
20140Benzene (manufacture)
20140Butadiene (manufacture)
20140Carboxylic acid (manufacture)
20140Charcoal (other than wood charcoal) (manufacture)
20140Charcoal burning (manufacture)
20140Citric acid (manufacture)
20140Coal tar (refined) (manufacture)
20140Coal tar distillation (manufacture)
20140Coal tar naphtha (manufacture)
20140Creosote (manufacture)
20140Cresylic acid (manufacture)
20140Cumene (manufacture)
20140Cyclic alcohols (manufacture)
20140Cyclic hydrocarbons (saturated and unsaturated) (manufacture)
20140Cyclohexane (manufacture)
20140Denatured ethyl alcohol (manufacture)
20140Diethyl phenylamine diamine sulphate (chlorine tablets) (manufacture)
20140Distillery draft production (manufacture)
20140Enzymes and other organic compounds (manufacture)
20140Epoxides (manufacture)
20140Esters (but (not polyesters)) (manufacture)
20140Esters of methacrylic acid (manufacture)
20140Ethane diol (excluding anti-freeze mixtures) (manufacture)
20140Ethanol (synthetic) (manufacture)
20140Ethyl alcohol (non-potable) obtained by fermentation (manufacture)
20140Ethylene (manufacture)
20140Ethylene glycol (excluding anti-freeze mixtures) (manufacture)
20140Fat splitting and distilling (manufacture)
20140Fatty acid (manufacture)
20140Formaldehyde (manufacture)
20140Halogenated derivatives of hydrocarbon (manufacture)
20140Heterocyclic compounds (manufacture)
20140Hydrocarbon derivatives (sulphated, nitrated or nitrosated) (manufacture)
20140Hydrocarbons (not fuels) (manufacture)
20140Ketones (manufacture)
20140Lactones (coumarin, methylcoumarins and ethylcoumarins) (manufacture)
20140Melamine (manufacture)
20140Methanol (manufacture)
20140Methylated spirits (manufacture)
20140Mono and polycarboxylic acids including acetic acid (manufacture)
20140Monohydric alcohols (manufacture)
20140Naphthalene (manufacture)
20140Neutral spirits production (manufacture)
20140Nitrogen-function organic compounds including amine (manufacture)
20140Oleic acid (manufacture)
20140Oleine (manufacture)
20140Organic acids and their esters and halogenated, nitrosated and sulphonated derivatives (manufacture)
20140Organic base chemicals (manufacture)
20140Organic compounds including wood distillation products (manufacture)
20140Organo-sulphur compounds (manufacture)
20140Oxirane (ethylene oxide) (manufacture)
20140Oxygen-function compounds (dual or poly) (manufacture)
20140Oxygen-function compounds including aldehydes (manufacture)
20140Peracetic acid (manufacture)
20140Perchloroethylene (manufacture)
20140Pesticide organic chemicals (excluding formulated preparations) (manufacture)
20140Phenol (manufacture)
20140Phthalic anhydride (manufacture)
20140Piezo-electric quartz (manufacture)
20140Propylene (manufacture)
20140Propylene oxide (manufacture)
20140Pyridine base (manufacture)
20140Quinones (manufacture)
20140Refined coal tar (manufacture)
20140Rosin size (manufacture)
20140Saccharin tablet (manufacture)
20140Spirit of turpentine (manufacture)
20140Stearic acid (manufacture)
20140Styrene (manufacture)
20140Synthetic alcohol (manufacture)
20140Synthetic aromatic products (manufacture)
20140Synthetic ethyl alcohol (manufacture)
20140Synthetic glycerol (manufacture)
20140Synthetic or reconstructed precious or semi-precious stones (manufacture)
20140Tar acids (manufacture)
20140Tetrachloroethylene (manufacture)
20140Toluene (manufacture)
20140Urea (not for use as fertiliser) (manufacture)
20140Ureines (manufacture)
20140Vinyl acetate (manufacture)
20140Wood tar chemicals (manufacture)
20140Xylene (manufacture)