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Groups: 1 Activities: 71


19201Mineral oil refining


19201Aviation spirit (manufacture)
19201Aviation turbine fuel (manufacture)
19201Biofuels from blending of alcohols with petroleum, e.g. Gasohol (manufacture)
19201Bitumen (manufacture)
19201Briquette solid fuel production (manufacture)
19201Burning oil (manufacture)
19201Butane (manufacture)
19201Chemical feedstock (manufacture)
19201Coal tar (crude) from manufactured fuel plants (manufacture)
19201Coke petroleum (manufacture)
19201Crude oil refining (manufacture)
19201Crude petroleum jelly (at refinery) (manufacture)
19201Derv (manufacture)
19201Diesel oil (manufacture)
19201Ethane production by refining (manufacture)
19201Fuel heavy fuel oil (manufacture)
19201Fuel oil (manufacture)
19201Gas oil (manufacture)
19201Gasoline motor fuel (manufacture)
19201Greases (at refinery) (manufacture)
19201Hard coal agglomeration (manufacture)
19201Hard-coal briquettes (manufacture)
19201Industrial benzole (manufacture)
19201Industrial spirit from petroleum (manufacture)
19201Insulating oil (at refineries) (manufacture)
19201Kerosene (manufacture)
19201Light fuel oil (manufacture)
19201Lignite fuel briquettes (manufacture)
19201Liquid butane gas (manufacture)
19201Liquid propane gas (manufacture)
19201Lubricating oil (at refinery) (manufacture)
19201Marine diesel oil (manufacture)
19201Medical paraffin (manufacture)
19201Medium fuel oil (manufacture)
19201Mineral oil refining (manufacture)
19201Motor fuel (manufacture)
19201Motor spirit (manufacture)
19201Naphtha (LDF) (manufacture)
19201Oil refinery (manufacture)
19201Ovoid solid fuel production (manufacture)
19201Paraffin (manufacture)
19201Paraffin for medicinal use (manufacture)
19201Paraffin wax (manufacture)
19201Patent fuel production (manufacture)
19201Peat briquettes (manufacture)
19201Petro-chemical industry products (manufacture)
19201Petrol (manufacture)
19201Petroleum briquettes (manufacture)
19201Petroleum coke (manufacture)
19201Petroleum feedstock (manufacture)
19201Petroleum gas (manufacture)
19201Petroleum grease (at refinery) (manufacture)
19201Petroleum product (at refineries) (manufacture)
19201Petroleum refining (manufacture)
19201Process oil refining (manufacture)
19201Process oils (manufacture)
19201Propane (manufacture)
19201Refinery gas (manufacture)
19201Road coverings derived from crude petroleum or bituminous minerals (manufacture)
19201Shale oil refining (manufacture)
19201Solid fuel briquettes production (manufacture)
19201Solid fuels production (manufacture)
19201Solid smokeless ovoids and briquettes preparation (manufacture)
19201Tail gas (manufacture)
19201Technical white oil (manufacture)
19201Transformer oil (at refineries) (manufacture)
19201Vaporising oil (manufacture)
19201Vaseline (at refinery) (manufacture)
19201White spirit (manufacture)
19201Wide cut gasoline (manufacture)