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Groups: 1 Activities: 38


18140Binding and related services


18140Adhesive binding of books, brochures, etc. (manufacture)
18140Advertising mailing literature finishing (manufacture)
18140Assembling of books, brochures, etc. (manufacture)
18140Binding and finishing of books, brochures, magazines, catalogues etc.(manufacture)
18140Binding and related services, (manufacture)
18140Bookbinding (manufacture)
18140Braille copying (manufacture)
18140Business forms finishing (manufacture)
18140Calendar finishing (manufacture)
18140Calico printers' engraving (manufacture)
18140Card embossing (manufacture)
18140Collating of books, brochures, etc. (manufacture)
18140Cutting, cover laying, gluing, collating books, brochures, magazines, catalogues etc.(manufacture)
18140Die sinking or stamping finishing activities, (manufacture)
18140Finishing services for CD-ROMS, (manufacture)
18140Gilding (printing service) (manufacture)
18140Glueing of books, brochures, etc. (manufacture)
18140Gold blocking (manufacture)
18140Gold stamping (manufacture)
18140Heraldic chasing and seal engraving (manufacture)
18140Heraldic engraving (manufacture)
18140Mailing finishing services such as customisation, envelope preparation, (manufacture)
18140Merchandising display finishing (manufacture)
18140Plastic wire binding and finishing of books and brochures, (manufacture)
18140Post press services in support of printing activities, (manufacture)
18140Printed paper or board finishing (manufacture)
18140Printed sheets finishing (manufacture)
18140Prospectus finishing (manufacture)
18140Publisher's case making (manufacture)
18140Relief stamping (manufacture)
18140Sample card finishing (manufacture)
18140Sample mounting in support of printing activities, (manufacture)
18140Spiral binding and finishing of books and brochures, (manufacture)
18140Stitching of books, brochures, etc. (manufacture)
18140Tillot and seal making (manufacture)
18140Trade binding (manufacture)
18140Trimming of books, brochures, etc. (manufacture)