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Groups: 1 Activities: 97


18129Printing (other than printing of newspapers and printing on labels and tags) n.e.c.


18129Advertising catalogue printing (manufacture)
18129Advertising printed matter printing (manufacture)
18129Album printing (manufacture)
18129Almanac printing (manufacture)
18129Amusement guide periodical printing (manufacture)
18129Atlas printing (manufacture)
18129Bank note printing (manufacture)
18129Block printing of textiles (manufacture)
18129Book printing (manufacture)
18129Braille printing (manufacture)
18129Brochure printing (manufacture)
18129Business form printing (manufacture)
18129Calendar printing (manufacture)
18129Chart printing (manufacture)
18129Cheque book printing (manufacture)
18129Christmas card printing (manufacture)
18129Collotype printing (manufacture)
18129Commercial printed matter printing (manufacture)
18129Copper plate printing (manufacture)
18129Decal printing (manufacture)
18129Diary printing (manufacture)
18129Directory printing (manufacture)
18129Documents of title printing (manufacture)
18129Fashion printing (manufacture)
18129Flexographic printing (manufacture)
18129General printing (manufacture)
18129Greeting card printing (manufacture)
18129Hand block printing of textiles (manufacture)
18129Hexachrome printing (manufacture)
18129Hosiery printing (manufacture)
18129Job printing (manufacture)
18129Knitted goods printing (manufacture)
18129Letterpress printing (manufacture)
18129Linen printing (manufacture)
18129Lithographic printing (manufacture)
18129Machine printing of textiles (manufacture)
18129Magazine printing (manufacture)
18129Manuscript book (manufacture)
18129Map printing (manufacture)
18129Music printing (manufacture)
18129Offset printing (manufacture)
18129Pamphlet printing (manufacture)
18129Passport printing (manufacture)
18129Periodical printing (manufacture)
18129Personal stationery printing (manufacture)
18129Phonetic printing (manufacture)
18129Photocopier printing (manufacture)
18129Photogravure printing (manufacture)
18129Picture postcard (manufacture)
18129Plan printing (manufacture)
18129Postage stamp perforating (manufacture)
18129Postage stamp printing (manufacture)
18129Poster printing (manufacture)
18129Printing (undefined) (manufacture)
18129Printing by computer printers (manufacture)
18129Printing by duplication machines (manufacture)
18129Printing by embossers (manufacture)
18129Printing by quick printing (manufacture)
18129Printing directly onto ceramics (manufacture)
18129Printing of banknotes
18129Printing of magazines appearing less than four times a week (manufacture)
18129Printing of other security papers (manufacture)
18129Printing of smart cards (manufacture)
18129Printing onto glass (manufacture)
18129Printing onto metal (manufacture)
18129Printing onto plastic (manufacture)
18129Printing onto sanitary goods and toilet requisites of paper (manufacture)
18129Printing onto textiles (manufacture)
18129Printing onto wood (manufacture)
18129Prospectus printing (manufacture)
18129Register printing (manufacture)
18129Review printing (manufacture)
18129Roller printing of textiles (manufacture)
18129Screen printing (manufacture)
18129Screen printing of logos (manufacture)
18129Screen printing of textiles (manufacture)
18129Screen printing on glass or pottery (manufacture)
18129Security printing (manufacture)
18129Sheet metal printing (manufacture)
18129Sheet music printing (manufacture)
18129Silk screen-printing on wearing apparel (manufacture)
18129Silk printing (manufacture)
18129Showcard (manufacture)
18129Stamp embossed paper (manufacture)
18129Stochastic printing (manufacture)
18129Taxation stamps printing (manufacture)
18129Thermocopier printing (manufacture)
18129Ticket printing (manufacture)
18129Timetable printing (manufacture)
18129Tin printing (manufacture)
18129Title document printing (manufacture)
18129Trade journal printing (manufacture)
18129Trading stamp printing (manufacture)
18129Transfer printing (manufacture)
18129Window ticket (manufacture)
18129Wool printing (manufacture)