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Groups: 1 Activities: 45


15110Tanning and dressing of leather; dressing and dyeing of fur


15110Box and willow calf leather (manufacture)
15110Buckskin (manufacture)
15110Cattle hide leather (manufacture)
15110Chamois leather (manufacture)
15110Chrome tanning (manufacture)
15110Combing leather (manufacture)
15110Composition leather (manufacture)
15110Currying of fur skins and hides with the hair on (manufacture)
15110Dressing and dying of furskins and hides with the hair on (manufacture)
15110Dressing of leather (manufacture)
15110Dyed lamb including beaver lamb (manufacture)
15110Footwear leather preparation (manufacture)
15110Fur dressing (manufacture)
15110Fur dressing and dyeing (manufacture)
15110Gill leather (manufacture)
15110Glace kid (manufacture)
15110Glove leather preparation (manufacture)
15110Goldbeaters' skin or bung (manufacture)
15110Harness and saddlery leather preparation (manufacture)
15110Hat and cap leather preparation (manufacture)
15110Hydraulic leather (manufacture)
15110Leather dressing (manufacture)
15110Leather dying (manufacture)
15110Leather enamelling (manufacture)
15110Leather gilding (manufacture)
15110Leather proofing (manufacture)
15110Leather tanning and dressing (manufacture)
15110Leather trimmings (manufacture)
15110Mechanical leather preparation (manufacture)
15110Metallised leathers (manufacture)
15110Parchment made of leather (manufacture)
15110Patent leather (manufacture)
15110Reptile leather (manufacture)
15110Scraping of fur skins and hides with the hair on (manufacture)
15110Shearing and plucking of fur skins and hides with the hair on (manufacture)
15110Sheep skin preparation (manufacture)
15110Sole leather preparation (manufacture)
15110Tanning leather (manufacture)
15110Tanning of fur skins and hides with the hair on (manufacture)
15110Tanning of hairless skins and hides (manufacture)
15110Trimmings made of leather (manufacture)
15110Upholstery leather preparation (manufacture)
15110Upper leather (manufacture)
15110Vellum (manufacture)