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Groups: 1 Activities: 90


14190Manufacture of other wearing apparel and accessories


14190Athletic clothing (manufacture)
14190Babies garments (manufacture)
14190Baby clothing (manufacture)
14190Baby linen (manufacture)
14190Balaclava helmet (manufacture)
14190Beachwear for women and girls (manufacture)
14190Beret (knitted) (manufacture)
14190Beret (not knitted) (manufacture)
14190Braces (not made of leather or leather substitute) (manufacture)
14190Braces made of leather (manufacture)
14190Buckram shape (manufacture)
14190Capeline felt (manufacture)
14190Caps made of cloth (manufacture)
14190Clothing accessories (manufacture)
14190Clothing pad (manufacture)
14190Collars for men and boys (manufacture)
14190Cravats (manufacture)
14190Cuffs for men and boys (manufacture)
14190Cut, make and trim on a fee or contract basis (manufacture)
14190Disposable clothing (manufacture)
14190Dress belts (not made of leather or leather substitute) (manufacture)
14190Dress gloves made of fabric (manufacture)
14190Dress shield (manufacture)
14190Felt hat bleaching and dying (manufacture)
14190Felt hat body making (manufacture)
14190Felt hat finishing (manufacture)
14190Footwear made of textile fabric with applied soles (manufacture)
14190Footwear made of textiles without applied soles (manufacture)
14190Garter (manufacture)
14190Gloves (other than knitted) (manufacture)
14190Gloves for children (manufacture)
14190Gloves made of cloth (manufacture)
14190Gloves made of fur (manufacture)
14190Gloves made of leather (not sports) (manufacture)
14190Gloves made of textiles for household use (manufacture)
14190Hair nets (manufacture)
14190Hair nets made of lace (manufacture)
14190Handkerchief folding (manufacture)
14190Handkerchief hemming (manufacture)
14190Handkerchief made of textile material (manufacture)
14190Hat lining (manufacture)
14190Hat pad (manufacture)
14190Hat shape (manufacture)
14190Hats made of cloth (manufacture)
14190Hats made of felt (manufacture)
14190Hats made of fur (manufacture)
14190Hats made of fur fabric (manufacture)
14190Hats made of silk (manufacture)
14190Hats made of wool (manufacture)
14190Headgear made of furskins (manufacture)
14190Headsquare (manufacture)
14190Knitted bonnet (manufacture)
14190Knitted bootees (manufacture)
14190Knitted gloves (manufacture)
14190Knitted mittens and mitts (manufacture)
14190Knitted scarf (manufacture)
14190Knitted shawl (manufacture)
14190Knitted swimwear (manufacture)
14190Knitted swimwear for infants (manufacture)
14190Knitted ties (manufacture)
14190Knitted underclothing for infants (manufacture)
14190Ladies fan (manufacture)
14190Linings for hats (manufacture)
14190Millinery made of felt (manufacture)
14190Necktie (manufacture)
14190Neckwear for women (manufacture)
14190Nightwear for infants (manufacture)
14190Outerwear for infants (manufacture)
14190Peak cap (manufacture)
14190Scarf (lace or knitted) (manufacture)
14190Scarf (not lace or knitted) (manufacture)
14190Shawls (manufacture)
14190Shirt front (manufacture)
14190Shirt neckband (manufacture)
14190Ski suits (manufacture)
14190Sporran (manufacture)
14190Straw hat blocking (manufacture)
14190Straw hats (manufacture)
14190Swimwear (manufacture)
14190Tailors' pad (manufacture)
14190Theatrical costumes (manufacture)
14190Ties made of silk (manufacture)
14190Tracksuits (manufacture)
14190Tropical helmet (manufacture)
14190Underclothing for infants (manufacture)
14190Uniform hats and caps (manufacture)
14190Weatherproof outerwear for infants (manufacture)
14190Weatherproof skiing clothing (manufacture)
14190Wool felt and fur felt hood and capeline (manufacture)