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Groups: 1 Activities: 58


13990Manufacture of other textiles n.e.c.


13990Baize (manufacture)
13990Banding (woven) (manufacture)
13990Bias binding (manufacture)
13990Billiard table cloth (manufacture)
13990Binding (woven) (manufacture)
13990Boot lace (manufacture)
13990Button carding (manufacture)
13990Button covering (manufacture)
13990Cord made of elastic (manufacture)
13990Cord made of elastomeric material (manufacture)
13990Corset lace (manufacture)
13990Curtain loop (manufacture)
13990Dress binding (manufacture)
13990Dressing gown cord and girdle (manufacture)
13990Embroidery lace (manufacture)
13990Felt (manufacture)
13990Furnishing lace (manufacture)
13990Lace (manufacture)
13990Lace and embroidery in the piece, in strips or in motifs (manufacture)
13990Lace bleaching (not on commission) (manufacture)
13990Lace clipping (manufacture)
13990Lace drawing (manufacture)
13990Lace dressing (manufacture)
13990Lace dyeing (not on commission) (manufacture)
13990Lace edging (manufacture)
13990Lace embroidery (manufacture)
13990Lace ending (manufacture)
13990Lace finishing (manufacture)
13990Lace flouncing (manufacture)
13990Lace mending (manufacture)
13990Lace net (manufacture)
13990Lace scalloping (manufacture)
13990Lace trimming (manufacture)
13990Laces for boots and shoes (manufacture)
13990Leavers lace (manufacture)
13990Napery lace (manufacture)
13990Needlefelt (other than carpet underlay) (manufacture)
13990Needleloom felt (other than carpet underlay) (manufacture)
13990Net fabrics in the piece, in strips or in motifs (manufacture)
13990Nottingham lace (manufacture)
13990Powder puff (manufacture)
13990Pressed felt (not paper or roofing) (manufacture)
13990Pressed wool felt (manufacture)
13990Pressure sensitive cloth-tape (manufacture)
13990Pyjama cord (manufacture)
13990Raschel lace (manufacture)
13990Schiffli embroidery (manufacture)
13990Shoe laces (braided) (manufacture)
13990Small ware made of textiles (manufacture)
13990Sponge dressing (manufacture)
13990Swiss embroidery (manufacture)
13990Tufted fabrics (other than household textiles) (manufacture)
13990Tulles and other net fabrics (manufacture)
13990Tulles in motifs (manufacture)
13990Tulles in one piece (manufacture)
13990Tulles in strips (manufacture)
13990Veiling (not silk) (manufacture)