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Groups: 1 Activities: 76


10410Manufacture of oils and fats


10410Animal fat and oil production (non-edible) (manufacture)
10410Animal oil refining (manufacture)
10410Benniseed crushing (manufacture)
10410Benniseed oil refining (manufacture)
10410Bone oil (manufacture)
10410Castor oil processing (manufacture)
10410Castor seed crushing (manufacture)
10410Coconut oil refining (manufacture)
10410Cod liver oil refining (manufacture)
10410Cola oil refining (manufacture)
10410Colza oil production (manufacture)
10410Copra (coconut) crushing (manufacture)
10410Cotton linters production (manufacture)
10410Cotton seed crushing including delinting or cleaning (manufacture)
10410Cotton seed oil production (manufacture)
10410Cotton seed oil refining (manufacture)
10410Crude vegetable oil production (manufacture)
10410Fat of marine animals production (manufacture)
10410Fish and marine mammal oil extraction (manufacture)
10410Fish liver oil (unrefined) production (manufacture)
10410Fish liver oil refining (manufacture)
10410Fish oil (crude) production (manufacture)
10410Gingelly oil refining (manufacture)
10410Gingelly seed crushing (manufacture)
10410Groundnut crushing (manufacture)
10410Groundnut oil refining (manufacture)
10410Herring oil refining (manufacture)
10410Kapok seed crushing (manufacture)
10410Kapok seed oil refining (manufacture)
10410Kernel crushing (manufacture)
10410Lanolin recovery (manufacture)
10410Lard oil (manufacture)
10410Linseed crushing (manufacture)
10410Linseed oil production (manufacture)
10410Linseed oil refining (manufacture)
10410Marine animal crude oil and fat production (manufacture)
10410Mustard oil production (manufacture)
10410Mustard seed crushing (manufacture)
10410Neatsfoot oil (manufacture)
10410Non-defatted flour production (manufacture)
10410Oil (edible) (manufacture)
10410Oil kernel meal production (manufacture)
10410Oil nut meal production (manufacture)
10410Oil seed cake and meal (manufacture)
10410Oil seed crushing (manufacture)
10410Oilcakes and other residual products of oil production (manufacture)
10410Oleo stearin (manufacture)
10410Olive oil (crude) production (manufacture)
10410Olive oil from self produced olives (if value of production exceeds that of growing)(manufacture)
10410Olive oil refining (manufacture)
10410Palm kernel crushing (manufacture)
10410Palm kernel oil refining (manufacture)
10410Palm oil production (manufacture)
10410Palm oil refining (manufacture)
10410Rape oil production (manufacture)
10410Rape oil refining (manufacture)
10410Rape seed crushing (manufacture)
10410Seed and nut crushing (manufacture)
10410Sesame oil refining (manufacture)
10410Sesame seed crushing (manufacture)
10410Shea butter (manufacture)
10410Shea nut crushing (manufacture)
10410Soya bean crushing (manufacture)
10410Soya bean oil (crude) (manufacture)
10410Soya bean oil refining (manufacture)
10410Sperm oil refining (manufacture)
10410Sunflower oil refining (manufacture)
10410Sunflower seed crushing (manufacture)
10410Sunflower-seed oil production (manufacture)
10410Technical tallow (manufacture)
10410Tung oil extraction (manufacture)
10410Vegetable oil processing: blowing, boiling, dehydration, hydrogenation (manufacture)
10410Vegetable oil refining (manufacture)
10410Whale oil production (manufacture)
10410Whale oil refining (manufacture)