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Groups: 1 Activities: 51


10390Other processing and preserving of fruit and vegetables


10390Banana ripening and conditioning (manufacture)
10390Canning of fruit and vegetables (except fruit juices and potatoes) (manufacture)
10390Chutney (manufacture)
10390Coconut flakes including desiccated but (not sugared) (manufacture)
10390Dehydrating fruit for human consumption (manufacture)
10390Dehydrating of vegetables for human consumption (manufacture)
10390Dried fruit (except field dried) (manufacture)
10390Dried fruit cleaning (manufacture)
10390Dried vegetables (except field dried) (manufacture)
10390Flaked coconut including desiccated but (not sugared) (manufacture)
10390Fruit freezing (manufacture)
10390Fruit jelly (preserve) (manufacture)
10390Fruit or vegetable food products (manufacture)
10390Fruit pickling (manufacture)
10390Fruit preserving (manufacture)
10390Fruit processing and preserving (except in sugar) (manufacture)
10390Fruit pulp (manufacture)
10390Fruit, nuts or vegetables preserved by immersing in oil (manufacture)
10390Fruit, nuts or vegetables preserved by immersing in vinegar (manufacture)
10390Gherkin pickling (manufacture)
10390Heat treatment of fruit and vegetables (manufacture)
10390Homogenised fruit and vegetables (manufacture)
10390Jam (manufacture)
10390Jelly (table) (manufacture)
10390Jelly powder (manufacture)
10390Marmalade (manufacture)
10390Mincemeat (manufacture)
10390Nut foods and pastes (manufacture)
10390Nut processing and preservation (except in sugar) (manufacture)
10390Nut shelling, grinding and preparing (manufacture)
10390Nuts preserved by freezing (manufacture)
10390Olive preserving in salt or brine (manufacture)
10390Peanut butter (manufacture)
10390Peeled or cut vegetables, mixed fresh salads, packaged (manufacture)
10390Peeled, cut fresh vegetables, mixed salads, packed (manufacture)
10390Perishable prepared fruit and vegetables (manufacture)
10390Perishable prepared salads; mixed salads (manufacture)
10390Perishable prepared tofu bean curd (manufacture)
10390Perishable prepared vegetables, packaged peeled or cut (manufacture)
10390Piccalilli production (manufacture)
10390Pickle including beetroot and onion (manufacture)
10390Pickling of fruit and vegetables (manufacture)
10390Quick freezing of fruit and vegetables (manufacture)
10390Strained fruit (manufacture)
10390Strained vegetables (manufacture)
10390Table jelly (manufacture)
10390Vegetable dehydrating for human consumption (manufacture)
10390Vegetable pickling (manufacture)
10390Vegetable preparation and preserving (manufacture)
10390Vegetable quick freezing (manufacture)