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Groups: 1 Activities: 61


10110Processing and preserving of meat


10110Abattoir (manufacture)
10110Animal grease (manufacture)
10110Animal offal (inedible) production (manufacture)
10110Animal offal processing (manufacture)
10110Bile processing by knackers (manufacture)
10110Bladder processing (manufacture)
10110Bone boiling by knackers (manufacture)
10110Bone crushing by knackers (manufacture)
10110Bone degreasing by knackers (manufacture)
10110Bone flour from knackers (manufacture)
10110Bone meal (manufacture)
10110Bone meal from knackers (manufacture)
10110Bone scraping by knackers (manufacture)
10110Bone sorting by knackers (manufacture)
10110Bovine hides and skins production from knackers (manufacture)
10110Bristles from knackers (manufacture)
10110Casings for sausages (manufacture)
10110De-woolling (manufacture)
10110Dripping (manufacture)
10110Edible fats of animal origin rendering (manufacture)
10110Edible offal (processed) production (manufacture)
10110Edible tallow production (manufacture)
10110Fat recovery from knackers (manufacture)
10110Fellmongery (manufacture)
10110Flours and meals of meat (manufacture)
10110Hair (animal by-product) from knackers (manufacture)
10110Hide degreasing (manufacture)
10110Hide pickling (manufacture)
10110Hides and skins production from abattoirs (manufacture)
10110Hides and skins production from knackers (manufacture)
10110Hides and skins production from slaughterhouses (manufacture)
10110Hooves from knackers production (manufacture)
10110Lard from knackers (manufacture)
10110Lard refining (manufacture)
10110Meat (except poultry meat) processing and preserving (manufacture)
10110Meat and bone meal from knackers (manufacture)
10110Meat chilling or freezing for human consumption (manufacture)
10110Meat meal (ground meat) (manufacture)
10110Meat production (fresh, chilled or frozen) in carcasses or cuts (manufacture)
10110Offal (edible) preparation (i.e. removal, freezing, packing, etc.) (manufacture)
10110Pelt from fellmongery (manufacture)
10110Premier jus (manufacture)
10110Pulled wool production (manufacture)
10110Rabbit meat preparation (manufacture)
10110Rabbit slaughtering (manufacture)
10110Raw bones from knackers (manufacture)
10110Rendering of lard and other edible fats of animal origin (manufacture)
10110Sausage skins and casings (natural) (manufacture)
10110Sheep and lambskin pulling (manufacture)
10110Skin drying (manufacture)
10110Skin pickling (manufacture)
10110Skin production from slaughterhouses (manufacture)
10110Skin sorting (manufacture)
10110Slaughterhouse (manufacture)
10110Slaughterhouses killing, dressing or packing meat (manufacture)
10110Sterilised bone flour (not for fertilisers) (manufacture)
10110Suet (manufacture)
10110Tripe dressing (manufacture)
10110Whales processing on land or on specialised vessels (manufacture)
10110Wool (fellmongery) (manufacture)