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Groups: 1 Activities: 27


03210Marine aquaculture


03210Aquaculture in salt water filled tanks or reservoirs
03210Aquaculture in sea or brackish waters
03210Bait digging
03210Bait production
03210Bivalves cultured in sea water
03210Crustaceans cultured in sea water
03210Edible seaweed growing
03210Fingerling production, marine
03210Fish breeding, marine
03210Fish farming, marine
03210Fish fry production, marine
03210Fish hatcheries and farms service activities, marine
03210Fish hatcheries, marine
03210Laver gathering (cultivated)
03210Laver growing
03210Lobsterling production, marine
03210Marine aquaculture
03210Molluscs and other aquatic animals cultured in sea water
03210Mussel production, marine
03210Ornamental fish farming, marine
03210Oyster cultivation, marine
03210Oyster fishery, marine
03210Oyster spat production, marine
03210Salmon and trout fishery (hatchery), marine
03210Shrimp production (post-larvae), marine
03210Worm farms, marine